LikeShare App Malaysia

LikeShare (LS) App is a microtask program that let user earn money by following social media pages on the Internet. The concept is based on selling and buying followers on social media account. Influencers will spend money by buying following while subscribers can make money by following certain pages on social media.  Like Share App is own and managed by by Revorits IT Sdn Bhd which is based at KL Eco City. Their official page is located here.


Like Share Modus Operandi

LIke Share started by giving high money to users to complete certain tasks on certain social media. This will entice them to purchase VIP account.


To grab a task, go to Home and select Task from social medias such as TikTok, Facebook, Youtube or Instagram. Click on the task to grab the task. Once you have grabbed a task, click on task to complete the task. You will need to screenshot these evidence to submit to LikeShare. Screenshot of you once you have followed an account and a screenshot of you liking a post on the account.

At the moment there are withdrawal problems with LikeShare, avoid purchasing any VIP account at the time being. To withdraw, you will need to key in your personal information. This includes full name and bank account. The bank account must match your full name. Withdrawal can take a minimum of 5 working days.


Is Like Share a scam?

LikeShare is a Ponzi scheme. There will be early payment to rewards users. This will entice users and more buyers to purchase certain account from them. Yes there are elements of MLM and ponzi when you purchase account with LS.  Please do your own due diligence if you are considering buying a VIP account. Manage your risks.