What is MatDespatch?

MatDespatch is a Malaysian crowd sourced based express delivery service in Klang Valley that offers same day door-to-door delivery and pickup services. MatDespatch objective is to make a crowd sourced based delivery service to give a new shipping experience to all of their customers.

Why MatDespatch?

Here are some of the reasons why MatDespatch is the ideal crowd source based express service to choose in Malaysia.

MatDespatch Is Fast

MatDespatch aims to become recognized as one of the fastest delivery and courier services in Malaysia that offers same day delivery in the Klang Valley area.

MatDespatch Saves Your Time

With MatDespatch, customers no longer have to go through long queues, heavy traffic jams, and long waiting times because MatDespatch delivery helps customers to save valuable time.

MatDespatch Is Reliable

MatDespatch’s despatches will manage all of the delivering and pickup orders. Therefore, customers have lesser errands to run and to worry about.

MatDespatch Works With Everyone

According to MatDespatch’s official website, MatDespatch do not only handle the deliveries and pickups for the individual customers but they also manage online and retail shops orders.

MatDespatch Delivers Door To Door

Customers do not have to worry about picking up or delivering the parcel because MatDespatch will make sure that the customers’ deliveries are delivery from the start to finish.

MatDespatch Believes In Great Service

The despatches in MatDespatch are friendly, well-trained, and they are familiar with the Klang Valley area. This ensures that your delivery or pickup will be on time.

MatDespatch Mobile App

On top of the all those advantages mentioned above, MatDespatch also combines a great delivery service with one amazing technology. The MatDespatch mobile app gives their customers a new, better, and easier way to make pickups or deliveries right from their mobile phones.

What is MatDespatch’s Mission?

Besides creating a new level of shipping experience of the people in Klang Valley and to combine a great service with an amazing technology, MatDespatch also aims to create a friendly, reliable, and most importantly, a trustworthy courier that both individual customers and business owners can trust to handle their pickups and deliveries. MatDespatch is also focussed in making sure that the deliveries get done within the same day. In addition, they have partnerships with hundreds or despatchers or riders, whom they called as Heroes. These heroes are well trained to provide a friendly and fast service to make sure that the items gets delivered in great condition. Overall, MatDespatch’s mission is to put a smile on every of the customer’s face. Plans and Pricing MatDespatch offers same day delivery, 3 hours express, super express, tasks, errands, help, and bulky packages as their plans. Customers can also calculate the estimated price for their deliveries by typing in the sender’s postcode, receiver’s postcode, the type of plan, item size, task and options in the online calculator found on the MatDespatch’s official website. Similarly, customers can calculate the item size of their parcel by typing in the length in cm, width in cm, height in cm, and weight in kg in the size calculator. Customers can visit the Size Calculator section found on the MatDespatch’s official website to do so. Typically, the price for a same-day pick and delivery service offered by MatDespatch will start from RM9 according to The Borneo Post.

Partnership With InPost Malaysia

Based on a report by The Borneo Post on 9th of July 2016, MatDespatch signed a partnership agreement with InPost Malaysia to help merchants and online shoppers to tackle the usual logistics and delivery concerns, especially during festive seasons. Unlike other delivery services, MatDespatch and InPost’s vital partnership will work 24/7 during festive seasons to ensure that there are no backlogs during the peak period. By the way, if you do not know what InPost is, they are the global provider and operator for the world’s largest international network of automated parcel lockers. InPost’s lockers in Malaysia are available at selected Petronas stations, TAR University Kuala Lumpur, and in several Tesco hypermarkets. With this partnership, MatDespatch guarantees that they will pick up the items from the customer’s doorstep and deliver to the desired location or selected InPost locker within 12 hours.

How To Get Started?

Below are some simple steps to get started on the MatDespatch’s service.

Step 1 – Sign up for a free account

Step 2 – Log in

Step 3 – Edit profile and earn free RM15 credits after you fill up the profile

Step 4 – Purchase Credit button and choose a credit amount from RM20 to RM10000 to purchase and pay using your credit card or online bank transfer

Step 5 – Click book now and fill up the form with sender’s info, receiver’s info, and delivery info

Step 6 – Click Confirm Button order after you get the quote.

Work With MatDespatch

For those who are looking to turn their motorcycles, vans, lorries, and cars into their money making machine, MatDespatch is currently looking for more despatches or Heroes. To be a Hero, simply register by filling up your full name, IC number, email, mobile number, postcode, interested position, your vehicle type, your vehicle number, and optional referral code. You can sign up here


Reasons To Become A MatDespatch Hero

Some of the reasons to become a MatDespatch Hero are:

  • Earn good money because MatDespatch will pay you for every pickup and delivery you make
  • Get paid weekly when MatDespatch transfers your money every Friday for your efforts
  • Great app because MatDespatch mobile app can help you to manage your order effectively
  • No office because you can work from anywhere and at any time you want as long as you are within the Klang Valley area