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Maxis to launch new home fibre service on March 28

Recently Maxis has annonuced that Malaysians will be seeing a launch of its new home fibre broadband service on the 28th of March. It’s been a few years now that Maxis has been providing home fibre broadband service to their customers and it is sparking a lot of curiosity of what part of the service will be new in this special announcement.

This is because there is no mention of any other information pertaining the new home fibre broadband in it’s announcement. However, the telco said the new service is designed to provide “an overall better experience” and “the first of its kind service to complement the product”.

At first glance, what that really means is still very vague and obscure although this one thing that is quite clear is that it is abou ttime Maxis can begin to rise in its service of home fibre broadband considering it is inevitable that the company’s two glaring competitors in the market – TM and Time both have spruced up their home fibre deals.

For instance, UniFi currently offers a minimum speed of 30Mbps at the same cost of Maxis 20Mbps package even though the infrastructuer used is the same. Besides that, UniFi customers enjoy a 50Mbps speed for the price of Maxis 30Mbps package.




*Package and price comparisons between Maxis, UniFi and Time.

Even though Maxis’s 100Mbps package tips over TM in the sense that it offers slightly better perks over TM because they do not offer the same to it’s home customers. Time is still ahead of Maxis through piercing rates when they not only having 100Mbps as the current minimum speed of its home fibre package but also offered priced it less than half of what Maxis charged per month.

Maxis has to come up with something pretty outstanding to beat that alone. You can read this article if you are keen to read more on broadband packages in Malaysia.