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Smartphones in the world today are getting more and more advanced and the manufacturers of these smartphones are doing all that they can to stay alive. Most manufactures try to produce phones with all sorts of features and functions while others try to keep things at a minimal just to cut their production cost in order to stay alive. There is one company in the world today that does both and that company is none other than Xiaomi. As you would have heard so many times now, Xiaomi is growing bigger and they certainly have been manufacturing some very interesting products of great quality that are sold at cheap prices.


Xiaomi has just confirmed the official launched of the long awaited Mi Note in Malaysia. The Xiami Mi Note is the newest edition to the Xiaomi smartphone family. This phone which can be qualified for a phablet because of its screen size is said to be one of their best product yet and we are about to find out why.



At first glance, you would think that Xiaomi actually copied their design patterns off Apple and some have also agreed that it does have similarities to that of the Apple iPhone’s design. Xiaomi fans out there, do not feel down as the phones don’t really look the same when you compare them both closely. Plus look on the Brightside, the Mi Note has only got a thickness of 6.95mm compared to the iPhone 6 plus that has a much greater thickness of 7.1mm.

The Mi Note’s beautiful rounded edges can be compared to Samsung’s Note Edge little but then again, the design does make this phone a very beautiful phone and also one that possesses quality. The aluminium exterior frame that surrounds the Mi Note really gives the phone that premium feel by giving it that elegant and expensive finish.

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All of Xiaomi’s smartphones are known to have very competitive specs and just so you know, the MI Note does come with some of the best features which a smartphone could have right now. The Mi Note is powered by a Qualcomm Snapdragon 801 quad-core 2.5GHz processor, making it a phone that has one of the best hardware as off now in the market.

Apart from that, the Mi Note also comes with 3GB of RAM, a 5.7 inch full HD screen and dual 4G SIM support. You will have the option of choosing if you would want to go for a 16GB or a 64GB phone as well. A huge plus point is that this phone is powered by a 3,000mAh battery which gives you enough juice to go on all day and night and just to make thing better, it also comes with a 13-megapixel rear camera and a 4-megapixel front shooter which is just perfect for selfies and it works great even in low-light conditions.


The Mi Note runs on the latest 4.4 KitKat which you would find on a normal Android-based phone in the market. It is actually a software called MIUI, which is a free software that is found on all Xiaomi phones that have ever been produced. One of the cool things which you can do with the Mi Note is that you can actually collect apps just by tapping on them. What this does is it moved them to the bottom of the display, then you just need to flick another ‘Home’ screen to place the collection.

Another special feature on this phone which you will not find on any other phone out there is that just by swiping the home button from left or right, you can actually choose the size of your phone’s display. You have a choice of going with 3.5, 4 or even 4.5 inches. Now, this is something you don’t find any phone being able to pull off.



This is probably one of the main reasons why many people have even wanted to own a Xiaomi Note to begin with. The Mi Note has a lens which is flush with the chasis that doesn’t stick out. To top it off, the phone also has optical image stabilization which allows you to capture really great night shots. You also get a handheld twilight mode for night shots which will come in really handy.


To compare it to other phones in the market, the Mi Note seems to have a pretty good and smooth performance even when you are running a few tasks on your phone at the same time. The Snapdragon 801 processor which it runs on is just as good as the Snapdragon 805 processor which run on the new Nexus 6.

Battery life

Many people nowadays find this one of the biggest challenges when it comes to choosing a phone but you won’t have to think too much when it comes to the Mi Note as it has a 3,000mAh battery which can last you up to 11 hours and 34 minutes with your daily usage.


Mi Note 64GB will be available for RM 1549. Only the white version will be available in Malaysia


Nothing much needs to be said here except that this is one amazing smartphone which doesn’t not only have the looks to kill but its performance is enough to compete with the other smartphones in the market with come with big brand names.

You would also be able to see that the Mi Note was built by Xiaomi to prove a point as to what they are capable of producing even after all these years and from the looks of it, Xiaomi is going to come up with more amazing smartphones in time to come so you would better want to be on the lookout on what surprises might be coming your way.