Microsoft Lumia 540


Nokia is back in the game again but this time with something much better than before. This time they have unleashed another new Windows smartphone called the Microsoft Lumia 540 in hopes that it would crush the competition and gain favour among the people once again. I guess some of you might be thinking that maybe, just maybe there are way too many Nokia Lumia models out there in the market but this one is definitely different in its own way and it is aimed at those who are willing to spend just a little bit more than the ones who are budget conscious to get a much better smartphone altogether. They say that the new Lumia 540 has some outstanding features when it comes to speed, design and its camera capability. Let us take a deeper dive in and see what the Microsoft Lumia 540 is all about and why this just might be the next best smartphone around.


The Looks

Take a look at every smartphone in the market now and you will find one thing which is strikingly similar and that is, they all look the same. When you come to think about it, many smartphones don’t really stand out and that is where the Lumia 540 makes a difference. This Windows operated smartphone comes in 4 different colours which are Cyan, White, Orange and Black. This phone has an elegant look because of the material used and the construction quality on this phone is simply outstanding. On the right side of this phone, you will find the volume and power button, at the top of the phone the headset socket and at the bottom you will find the Micro-USB port. Turn your phone to the back and you will also see the Microsoft brand along with it logo, perfectly printed to the shell.

Its design is also made for ease and to give its owner comfort even when holding and using it with only one hand. It is also made to be just the right weight so that it doesn’t tire your hands when you carry it around. Despite having a beautiful glossy finish this phone does not get easily scratched and it even gives you a really good grip.


The Software Within

The Microsoft Lumia 540 comes with a 5-inch, 720 x 128-pixel screen. Make no mistake about its display features as the imagery you will get from the Lumia 540 is sharper and bright and to make things better, you will also be able to view your display under direct sunlight.

What powers this phone is a Qualcomm Snapdragon 200 with four major cores that run at 1.2GHz. That is not all as you also get a 1GB RAM and 8GB of built in storage which makes it more than enough to put in songs and images among the other downloads which you may fill your phone with. This phone allows you to connect via Wi-Fi and it also comes with a Bluetooth 4.0 and A-GPS. The Lumia 540 comes with Windows 8.1 installed and you will also be able to update it to Windows 10 once it is released. You will also get bonus Microsoft apps such as Skype, Office, OneDrive, Money and Travel, Food and Drink and even Health and Fitness.


The Flashy Camera

If you are as normal as every other phone buyer out there, one of the main things that you would look for in a phone apart from all its other software features and looks would be its camera. The Lumia 540 has an 8-megapixel camera rear camera and a 5-megapixel front camera. The front camera is nothing less than perfect when it comes to taking selfies and trust me, you won’t have any regrets once you see the image quality.


This is a phone that is perfect for your everyday usage. While this phone may not be a speed demon compared to the other smartphones in the market, its performance is flawless nonetheless. As you might have heard before that Windows phones normally good performers. What you should also know is that smartphones that run on Windows do not normally lag.

Battery Life -2200

You can go on all day long with the Lumia 540 as it comes with a 2,200mAH battery and with this much power, you are looking at a basic usage of at least 16-18 hours a day as long as you do not abuse its usage. What makes it easy is that you can start your day, head to work, and get back home after that and still have your phone up and running without its battery life running out on you.

A Smart Dual SIM Smartphone

Another surprise which has not been mentioned previously is that the Lumia 540 is in fact a mart Dual SIM smartphone. Instead of buying two phones to use, you can now insert 2 SIM cards of different networks into this one phone without having to waste money on an extra phone. There is a difference in this Lumia’s Smart Dual SIM compared to the normal dual SIM card features in other phones. If you are on a call on the first SIM and a second call were to come in, the Smart Dual SIM system actually diverts that call to the first SIM and you will be able to receive it as a normal incoming call rather than missing because you were connect while talking using the first SIM. Most smartphones with dual SIM features do not have this ability yet and therefore if you were on call on the first network and a caller tried to reach you on the second one, you would have missed the call because there would have been no tone indicating that a call was coming through.

Price in Malaysia

Lumia is priced at $149 USD which is around RM 560 making this phone a budget level phone with medicore hardware specifications. The phone comes with 4 color choices of black, cyan, white and orange

The Moment Of Truth

Should you spend your money on the Lumia 540? Yes, you should. This phone has all the features you would need in a smartphone which is a long battery life, a good display screen and also a really good performance. While you might argue that the Lumia 540 is not superbly amazing, it is enough to put a smile on your face when it comes to its performance and its affordable price point.