Microsoft Surface 3


Microsoft Surface 3 is the smaller and cheaper but less powerful version of Microsoft Surface 3 Pro cost at $499 per tablet but the real deal would cost you at least $630 to $800 for 4GB of RAM, Intel Core i-3 processor, the magnetically-reinforced Type Cover’s Keyboard and the Surface Pen. The Surface 3 runs on Windows 8.1 instead of Windows Runtime (Windows RT) operating system and this allow you to use the entire same legacy Windows programs such as iTunes, Chrome and Photoshop. It is also ready for a free Windows 10 upgrade.

In addition, the Surface 3 had been installed with an Intel Cherry Trail Atom x7-Z8700 CPU. The new Atom x7 allows the device to run silently in the absence of a fan and enabling you the power to play back 4K video.  It features a 10.8 inches touchscreen display, and could work at three different angles due to the three positions pop-out kickstand.

Surface-PDP-128GB-Purple-MQ2-00004-Quote (1)

Design and Features

At first sight of the design, the machine is housed in an attractive magnesium alloy-body without the vents around the edge. It weighs at 0.62kg without the keyboard and at 8.7mm width. It also provides you with two micro-USB 2.0 and two Micro-USB 3.0 charging port, a Mini-Display port and a headphone jack. The micro-USB helps you to charge the device with a normal cable used by your phone and micro-USB or the bundled power supply for quick charge. There are also micro SD card reader slot can be found behind the hinge of the kickstand. Although it bring varieties of new design to the device but the device still stick with silver matte aluminium finish just like its predecessor.

The narrow Type Cover’s Keyboard for the Surface 3 which is sells separately has a secondary hinge that produces louder and more clack-sound when typing. Other features of the keyboard include LED backlit keys and a handy function keys while the small size track-pad comes with a smooth click operation. On the other side, you get a nice display at 1920×1280 native resolutions with 3:2 aspect ratio for a better writing when using in portrait mode. The bright and crisp display of the device supports full 10 points multi-touch with an excellent viewing angle of IPS Panel.

Another part of the design that you should take note from the device includes the easily accessible power button and a volume rocker button. The device also comes with magnetic strip which latches the keyboard in place and the front-mounted stereo speakers which provide you with a good quality sound when playing music.



The Atom processor features quad-core part that normally running at 1.6GHz and could extended to 2.4GHz when necessary. The processor had also been claimed to provide a good quality of graphics which is only fine for light duties including basic photo editing. However the processor may lag when switching between applications, and applying complex effect in Photoshop or doing video editing. There are two version of the Surface for you with 2GB or 4GB of RAM, and 64GB or 128GB of storage which related to the smooth operation of multitasking. Furthermore, the Intel Graphics HD of the Surface 3 would not help you in your gaming conquest but the GPU capabilities would help to support the Surface 3’s stylus.



The 13 watts micro-USB charger provided by the Surface 3 help to generate the life of 27Wh battery in less than 3 hours, and could last for 12 hours without use and a maximum of 6 hours battery life when doing heavy duty. For camera enthusiasts, the Surface 3 have 3.5MP front facing camera and 8MP rear facing camera with autofocus. These would help them take a good quality of pictures, and doing online communications. For movie enthusiasts, the sound produces by the Surface 3’s speaker is ample enough for a whole duration of the movie.

The Surface 3 can be used with 256 level of pressure sensitivity Surface Pen which share the same accurate of the Surface 3 Pro’s Surface Pen when writing in OneNote or drawing in Fresh Paint. It also could open the OneNote automatically when clicking the cap on the pen anytime. It also has the button for drawing and erasing the notes written with different set of thickness.

Price and Release Date

Microsoft has release the Surface 3 on 9th of May. The price of Surface 3 starts from RM 1,989 which is extremely affordable.


The Surface 3 is a standard laptop or hybrid that is small, thin and lightweight offering you a powerful device at a cheaper price. It is a machine that considerably suitable for everyone as an everyday to use-computer. It would be even better if Microsoft decide to bundle their keyboard and pen with the device. Plus, the modern and premium look of the device at the palm of your hands would guarantee quite satisfaction.

Pros and Cons


  • The bright and colourful display
  • Could runs the full version of Windows
  • The 3:2 aspect ratio
  • Can be charge with any micro-USB cable


  • Bad low-powered processor
  • Keyboard sold separately
  • The weak touch apps
  • No place to stow the Surface Pen when not in used