Microsoft Surface Pro 4 price in Malaysia

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The Surface Pro 4 from Microsoft could be the next successor to continuously maintain the prestige made by the company for its line of flagship particularly the Surface Pro. It is a device that provides consumers with a combination of portable laptop and tablet alongside a redesigned keyboard, a new processor from Intel under the code name of Skylake, the Windows 10, improved stylus functionality and an interesting facial recognition that could log the users into the software through the front-facing camera provided by the device.

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As the Surface Pro 3 use a processor that is two generation behind, the use of Skylake within the Surface Pro 4 is an important upgrade to the device and at the same times has improvise its battery life, and also brings a faster performance to the users. In the grip of hands, the device weight at most 1.70 pounds and features 2,736 x 1,824 of screen resolution with 267 pixels per inch that is covers within the magnesium alloy frame. Microsoft has also named the screen as Pixel Sense that would give the consumers a pleasant view when watching High Definition videos and media.

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It is not unusual for the flagship to exclude the keyboard cover as an optional accessory to the device and this included the Surface Pro 4. The keyboard cover for the device has been redesigned to give more spaces between the individual keys that would have the same looks and feels as any other standard wireless keyboard made for laptop in the current market. In addition, the keyboard has become thinner and features a new type of key called as the ProSet that gives out a 1.3mm of travel while the backlit of the keyboard cover features a larger five-point multi-touchpad alongside the fingerprint sensor that would cost a sum of money.

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Another essential tool like the stylus has always been an optional accessory to the flagship but it would be included with the latest device for the consumers. The Cortana will be activated by clicking and holding the eraser button located on the top of the stylus. It comes with approximately 1,024 degrees of the pressure sensitivity and its battery would last for a full year which has been claimed by the Microsoft. Also, the stylus has received some improvement to its speed and accuracy due to the chipset inside it. Moreover, the stylus would be covered in Gorilla Glass 4 with at least five different colours to be picked by the consumers and some interchangeable pen tips would go along as well for the consumers to make a different kind of doodles which is either for drawing or painting.

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There are two cameras that can be found located in front of the device as well at its rear which offers 5MP and 8MP respectively. The device also supports a wide range of ports such as a Mini Display Port, a USB 3.0 port, a Surface Connect cable to charge up the device, a headset jack and a MicroSD card slot. Interestingly, Microsoft also offers optional docking station that comprises of an Ethernet jack, two 4-K capable Display Ports, and four USB 3.0 ports.

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Release Date and Price

Surface Pro 4 is expected to be released on 19 November in Malaysia. The most basic version of Surface Pro 4 would cost $899 USD which translates to around RM 3,300.00. The cover would cost $129.99 USD translates to around RM 500.00.


To put it briefly, the Surface Pro 4 is a 2-in-1 device that runs smoother, and efficient with powerful sets of technologies. The Surface pro 4 is a great improvement compared to Surface Pro 3. Its impressive battery would last up to 9 hours which make it one of a device suitable for multitasking and there are various chipset has been used for different model including Core M3 processor, Core i5, and Core i7. There would be a 4GB and 16GB variant alongside 128GB and 512GB solid-s. Surface Pro 4 is a great product however with a hefty price tag due to weak ringgit.