Moto X Force


Motorola has not withdrawn from its Moto X phone series when it made a very quiet but grand entrance into the market with its third new release in November 2015 ; The Moto X Force, also called the the Droid 2 Turbo in the United States. The Moto X Force is not just a superficial revive of Moto X Style and Moto X Play. It has it’s own specs, perks and it is Motorola’s new flagship.

At first glance, you will be able to recognize the new phone that it is related to the Moto X family range. The sides are straight and the aluminium frame is thicker falling out a few milimetres at each side with a back of what Motorola calls “Ballistic Nylon”, that is textured and feels rough as if you were running your fingers on the front of a loud speaker surface. This makes the phone steady in your hands and wouldn’t slip off even if you have butter fingers.


If you frequently survived near attemps of having a cardiac arrest from dropping your phone and then have your heart rate slowly normalize from discovering just one faint crack or none on the screen, Motorola has come up with an a permanent solution to this. Motorola’s Moto ShatterShieldTechnology is the main selling point of this phone. When it’s common for most smartphones have the display that is made up of three layers (LED or AMOLED panel, touchescreen digitiser and top glass layer), Moto X force has 5. Right at the base is an aluminium frame that everything sits on tightly. The P-OLED screen which is the one that takes the shock and is flexile. There is dual touch layer sensitive layers where the lower acts as a back up should the upper-most die out during a drop. Next in line is the interior lens which is found in any other smartphone and on the most top is the exterior protective lens.


The phone is ideal for the clumsy and those who so generously share their phones with kids where slamming possibilities are more difficult to avoid. If in doubt, maybe it helps to know that during a test, CNET editor Dan Graziano literally said, “After testing it myself, I found the technology to be quite impressive. I dropped the phone repeatedly from different heights and angles. It showed no sign of damage. The frame wasn’t dented, nor was the screen cracked. Wow.”

Similar to the Nexus 6P, X Force is a fast phone packed by a 2GHz octa core Qualcomm Snapdragon 810, Adreno 430 and 3GB RAM and packing 32GB of internal storage. It has an option to be upgraded to 128GB via a microSD card. The device comes with Android Lollipop although it seems to promise an update somewhere in the near future.


The battery is something which has been advanced to a 3,700mAh cell that claims a battery life of two days which is a high promise to deliver but we look forward to this experience. The Moto X Force lives up to its forceful battery power when it stands for 15 hours 12 minutes of ongoing video playback on a screen set to 170cd/m2. This record sets it almost on par with Galaxy S6 Edge by 20 minutes short which is so far the longest lasting smartphone. It also backs wireless charging and fast charging, which is Motorola’s Turbo Charge Feature, giving 13 hours of usage after a mere 15 minutes of charging.

The Moto X Force comes with a 21-megapixel camera on the back which snaps quality photos like the Moto X Style and 5-megapixel camera on the front with an LED flash for extra lighting during your happy hour bar selfies. The device is also a single SIM (GSM) smartphone that accomodates a NANO-SIM.


The price for the Moto X Force is not exactly the most affordable although at a high price, it has it has earned it’s privilege to brag. The high resolution display screen, robust processor, smart battery and opportunities to customise your design which is a feature much users are grateful for in the Moto range makes it understandable of the value in it’s pricing. Also, if it kills you in your soul and wallet to replace your screen each time it cracks, this makes the Moto X Force the perfect phone to have.