MySejahtera App

The Malaysian government has developed a new apps of Covid19’s surveillance measures from spreading throughout the country. This apps, known as MySejahtera, allows users to evaluate their own health. It also makes it easier for the Ministry of Health (MOH) to take faster action to prevent the spread of the disease as soon as information is received.


Use of the MySejahtera App

MySejahtera app is developed for the following convenience:

  • Facilitate and help the government break the virus chain from spreading
  • An individual is more aware of the current health
  • If the individual is infected, help and action are easier to take
  • Facilitate infected individuals to identify nearby hospitals for diagnosis and treatment of Covid19


MySejahtera Check-In

The MySejahtera app also comes with an additional function called MySejahtera Check-In that allows all premises to follow the Economic Re-opening Standard Operation Procedure (SOP) as set out in the Malaysian Government guidelines during the Covid19 outbreak in Malaysia.


MySejahtera QR Code Scanner 

The user information will be retrieved from the MySejahtera app when the user is using MySejahtera Check In. The app will display user information based on the risk of Covid19 infection, location and liability at home. It can also help employers implement planning plans for employees who need to work from home. For users who wish to enter any business premises, the user only needs to scan the QR code of the premises before being allowed to enter the premises.


How to Register a MySejahtera App

Follow these steps to use the app for the first time :

  1. Download and open the MySejahtera app
  2. Click the “Sign Up Here” button to sign up for a new user
  3. Enter your mobile phone number and click “Register” or click the “I want to use email to sign up” link (if you want to sign up by email)
  4. OTP code will be sent via SMS from 63839 if register using a telephone number. If you sign up using an email, a confirmation link will be sent by email
  5. Fill in the received OTP code and click the “Send” button to sign up for a phone number or click on the link in the email if you are using the email
  6. Complete the registration details such as on-screen instructions and click the “Verify”
  7. A “Successful Registration” message will be sent. Click on the “Close” link at the bottom of the screen to return to the Login page
  8. At the Login page, fill in your User ID (phone number or email) and password and click the “Sign In”


Advantages of MySejahtera

Through this MySejahtera app, users can also get updates on cases of infection in any location by simply entering the location name in the Hotspot Tracker space. Users can find information on cases of infection that occur within a 1 kilometer radius of the location. Additionally, users can access the Health Screening Facility location information as well as digital healthcare facilities. Users who download this application are eligible to receive the RM50 incentive in the form of e-wallet if they meet the government’s requirements in accordance with the announcement of the National Economic Plan (PENJANA) by the Prime Minister.