Neato Botvac 85 review


The Neato Botvac 85 – The Best Vacuum Out There?

Neato Robotics is a company which was founded about a decade ago back in 2005 and has been well known for being in the scene of robotic vacuums. In the year 2010, the company took a bold step by releasing their first product called the Neato XV- series which was designed in their headquarters of Newark, California. You as a consumer can be rest assured that the products manufactured by Neato are completed up to the standards that the company sets for itself. Neato has been known to make their products better than the previous models which they have and this applies for the Neato Botvac 85 too.

The first thing which you will notice about this vacuum is the design and you as a consumer would not be able to compare how the futuristic looks of the Botvac 85 to that of a conventional vacuum cleaner. To be honest it looks like some droids from Star Wars.

This amazing looking robotic vacuum has enough features to make it one of the best products for cleaning your home. The powerful suction of this vacuum which is able to pick up debris from your floor or carpet which other vacuums can’t make it stand out above the rest.


Just How Good Is The Neato Botvac 85?

One of the amazing things about this vacuum right here is its ability to scan the path which it needs to clean in all your rooms at home. If you were to compare the Botvac 85 to other robotic vacuums from big name manufacturers, you will find that unlike the other vacuums, the Botvac 85 takes methodical paths without hitting into things and it even knows the exacts paths which it has already cleaned and it doesn’t repeat cleaning the same places all over again. This makes it so much more efficient than all the other robotic vacuums out there and it also helps keep your battery from wearing out faster than the other vacuums too. You won’t even need to worry about moving your furniture and toys away because the Botvac 85 can detect obstacles easily and will find its way around them.

The Botvac 85 is a powerful machine that it is able to suck up all sorts of dirt and debris from the floor without actually getting any particles from the floor into the air because of its high performance filters. With its blade brush, precision edge cleaning side brush and extra-large filters, you will get to experience this machine work at its best in keeping your home as clean as it should be.

One of the outstanding features about the Neato Botvac 85 is that is auto programmes itself while it is cleaning your floors in all the rooms. Many of the other vacuums in the market today do not have this feature.


Laser Vision and Intelligent path

Unlike other manufacturer’s bots, Botvac actually has a built in laser vision. This enables Botvac to scan the environment instead of random vacuum cleaning. Botvac can calculate the space on the floor that needs to be vacuumed and if the space is larger than what it can handle in a single cycle of its battery life, it actually returns to the docking station where it will charge itself and continue to clean the remaining areas of the room.

With Laser Vision, Botvac will systematically avoid obstacles such as chairs instead of bumping into it while also avoiding stairs.  Botvac also utilities Intelligent path technology to map out the areas that have been vacuumed and will not re vacuum those areas. This is considered more more efficient vacuuming compared to random vacuum technology that is used by Irobot. Here is a video explaining Intelligent path technology

Neato – Us vs. Them from Neato Robotics on Vimeo.


Ergonomic Design

Another good point of Botvac is clever design. Unlike rounded bots, Neato Botvac actually has a straight front. This enables effective vacuum on all square corners not limited to walls, tables, and furniture

neato design

round robot design


Scheduled Cleaning

You can even schedule the Botvac 85 to run on a daily basis regardless of the time of the day. To make thing even better, you could schedule your vacuum to run in the middle of the night and because it runs so smoothly, you wouldn’t even be able to hear any noise coming from it. You will wake up the next morning being amazed at what a fantastic job this machine has done.

Pet owners can now stop worrying about all the fur that their pets have been shedding around the house. The vacuums swap-out brushes that come together with this vacuum when you buy it will give you the ability to suck up all the pet hair that is stuck on the floor and the side brushed will also clean up any dust particles which are in its way.

The Botvac 85 comes with a power-packed battery. The battery life on this machine is enough to clean an entire 750 square feet in a single charge. Many other vacuums out there in the market fail when it comes to cleaning a home of such space with a single charge.

What Are The Disadvantages Of The Botvac 85?

To be honest, this machine is an amazing tool however when it comes to cleaning deep pile carpets, you will find that it slows down and it could even become stuck. You would also be able to notice tracks being created on the carpet but you can just brush the tracks of and get your carpet looking normal again.

One other problem that you might face with this machine is that there are times when the sensors will not be able to pick up the height of your glass coffee table at home and there just might be a tendency of it getting stuck underneath it.

What Is The Difference Between The Botvac 85 & The Botvac 80?

This is a question that many have asked time and again and to start off, the Botvac 80 is priced much cheaper that its newer sibling, the Botvac 85. In actual fact, both the Botvac 85 and the Botvac 80 have similar capabilities and the exact same programming when it comes to its functionality. The main difference between the both is that Botvac 85 comes with two extra-high performance filters which make it better at picking up and cleaning pet hair.

Should you get Botvac 85 vs Botvac 80 ?

To be honest, I would spend a little extra to get the most powerful robot vacumn machine from Neato.

As you have read for yourself now, there are a couple of cons to this amazing machine but then again, the benefits of owning the Botvac 85 would relieve your stress and allow you to get more of your other household cleaning chores completed. Hands down, this would make a perfect addition to your cleaning tools back home and it would also be great for a family that bought their first home. All of you who have always been wanting to make your cleaning chores a breeze, you can be sure that you will be pleased with the performance of the Botvac 85.

Botvac 85 Price

Neato Batvac 85 cost around $900 USD ( RM 3388) in Malaysia. You can get it cheaper at around $600 USD on Ebay here which gives up to 30% savings. However there will be issues such as local warranty. The risk for cheaper products are up to your own decision.