Neteller Malaysia


Neteller has been in operation for quite a number of years in the e-wallet industry. Its services are greatly used by most forex traders and online gaming enthusiasts all over the world. This service is owned by Paysafe Financial Services Limited which is a subsidiary of Paysafe Group Plc. and it is highly regulated. Hence, users will hardly face any issue with third party hackers. In addition, its anti-money laundering protocols is highly implemented and followed. 

So, how does Neteller work? It offers users like you a safe platform or method to transfer and pay money online without the need to reveal any financial details. This is one of the reasons why it has become the preferred choice for people to move money around. Besides using it in forex trading or online gaming, it can also be used in paying goods, online bills, holidays and services like how you would be using a credit card. The main difference is that you won’t be putting yourself in risk of falling into debt or ending up owing a great amount of interest since you will be using your prepaid account. So long that you are able to supply an ID, then you can have a Neteller account and eventually be able to fund online.   

In order to open an account with Neteller, you are required to supply a form of ID such as government identification card, passport and driver’s license. This is deemed as an important verification step, in which clear copy of the document with all four edges being clearly visible and front and back copies are required. Also, you must ensure that the address on your Neteller account tally with the one on your ID copy. It is very simple to upload these documents. All you need to do is log into your account and go to the summary page where you can see the Verify option. From there, you can upload all the required documents. This verification process may only take less than five days for it to be completed. Thereafter, you can start to use your account and enjoy the available benefits.   

When it comes to funding options with Neteller, it is different from country to country depending on where you are living. In order to see the available options for yourself, you need to check through the Money In link when you log into your account.  All of the major deposit options are available and majority is free. You can transfer funds to other Neteller customers without any fees being charged, as Neteller is actually covering itself as the charge for transfers is 1.9% but you are receiving a discounted rate of 0%. Bear in mind that this can be changed anytime. In addition, you can also transfer funds to another person who doesn’t own a Neteller account. However, the person will be required to set up an account so that funds withdrawal can be done. Unverified accounts can only use the Player Transfer once but verification of your account is needed in order to continue to use that service. The amounts allowed to be transferred depend on the sender and recipient account, as well as the location of your residence. 

In terms of security, Neteller is regulated by the British Financial Services Administration (FSA). As an authorized electronic money institution, it must follow strictly to the rules implemented. Neteller also employs a very powerful 128-bit SSL technology, which is similar to that for bank operations. In other words, Neteller will never ever reveal and expose personal or sensitive information. It must be emphasized that Neteller does not operate like a bank and lend money. Under the FSA rules, it must maintain customer funds in separate trust accounts different from its operational cash, which means your money will always be on hand. Besides, you are only allowed to open one Neteller account in order to prevent cases of fraud and money laundering.