Nikon D5 price in Malaysia


The Nikon D5, a successor of Nikon D4s camera is Nikon’s newest DSLR pro camera. It doesn’t only have new improvements but it has established some new benchmarks that would be tough for other camera models to beat. If you remember the time Nikon D3 and D300 back in 2007 and how it was a big buzz, the Nikon D5 is having the same effect on the photography world in the last week. The camera design is taller and makes the camera more squarish in shape. People with big hands may find this more comfortable to hold in their hands. The measurements are 160 x 158.5 x 92mm (6.3 x 6.3 x 7 in) and 1,405g (3lb 1.6oz) of magnesium aloy built body. While the D5 looks like a twin to the D4s, there are some differences in button layout.

For example, on the top of the camera, the camera Mode button is now on the left dial when it used to always be on the right replacing the Bracketing button. There is also a new ISO button on the camera, so there’s no hussle to switch ISO by reprograming the Video recording button. Now the ISO can be tweaked with a breeze using your right hand.


Another awaited excitement is the fact that it is the first for Nikon DSLR flagship to have a 3.2 inch 2,359k-dot touchscreen. The former 921k dots LCD screen generation now appears primitive in comparison to the 2.36 milion dot touch enabled LCD on the D5. While you may want to mourn over missing out on in-built Wi-Fi, the camera can connect to wired networks through built-in Ethernet connector and wireless networks with optional WT-6/A/B/C Wireless Transmitter. Other than that, the camera cooperates with Nikon’s new radio-controlled Advanced Wireless Lighting SB-5000 flash.



The price tag of the camera is big, at $6,500 but discovering the the camera’s new 12 fps (frames-per-second), with 99 cross-type points making a part of the massive 153-point autofocus system with TTL phase detection will make you want to empty your savings. This will cover a wider area of the sensor than the earlier models.

Something which Nikon DSLR has not introduced ever before is replacing AF operations with a faithful AF processor on the D5. With its new -4 EV sensitivity, as compared to -2 EV sensitivity in the older models, the D5 has sharper focuses under low light.


4K Videos

Nikon D5 is the first camera that is armed with 4K video shooting skills at UHD (3840 x 2160p) 30/25/24 fps. Storage can be done in a memory card slipped into the camera or using an uncompressed HDMI output to an external recorder for longer periods of shooting. To achieve maximum frame rate to 60/50 mps, the resolution can be reduced to Full HD 1080p..


The speed that Nikon D5 has to offer enables one time continuous shooting up to a max capacity of 200 12-bit lossless compressed RAW images before pacing down. Aside from speed and accuracy, these numbers enhances the tracking movement of fast moving objects.

What else makes this beast the superhero in the camera market? The camera’s performance breakthrough by large is partly due to it’s new EXPEED 5 image-processing engine that consumers will find fascinating. The resolution is 20.8MP Fullframe Sensor and the original ISO range reaching 102,400 ISO and the expended ISO range nearing a limit of 3.28 Millon. That is a newly formed world record that will be hard to break if you look Sony A7s and Canon 1DX trailing behind at ½ Millon ISO range only. When you consider the the speed of continious shooting at 12 fps. 4 extra megapixels turns into more conveniences for cropping, which is useful on a camera even if the jump in resolution is relatively small. The sensor on the coating has also been improved for anti reflection coating helps to greater lessen ghosting and flare.

ISO Performance

ISO 204,800


ISO 3,280,000


Sources: Nikon Rumors

In terms of battery power, a single charge of the battery gives you up to 3,780 shots. If you struggled with liking the XQD + CF slots on Nikon’s D4 and D4s, with the D5, you can now select between two variants ; two XQD slots and two CF slots. The camera has double card unit loads and has three recording choices – overflow, backup and recording RAW or JPEG onto separate cards.

Release Date

The camera is known to be relased in March 2016. Is the Nikon D5 worth the upgrade? For those whose livelihood depends on a camera, why not? The new AF system and -4 EV sensitivity alone makes a stark difference in the quality and experience. The D5 might be farfetched if you happen to only occassionally get out for some landscape or wildlife photogaraphy. Instead, you may want to check out the D500 which is