Nikon Service Center Kuala Lumpur



There are two official Nikon service centers in Klang Valley which is in Petaling Jaya (PJ) and heart of Kuala Lumpur in Bukit Bintang. The newly operated Nikon Center at Kuala Lumpur is convenient for Nikon users who are from KL side to repair or service their equipment. This is a full fledged Nikon service center which provide services from dust cleaning, normal servicing to in depth camera repairs.


Nikon Center at Bukit Bintang also offers a huge collection of Nikon devices on display. You can find camera equipment ranging from dslr, compact camera and whole lot of legendary Nikon lenses.  There are also various photos in exhibition of works produced by Nikon users. There are 2 lines here taking services from resellers and direct walk in customers. You can expect to have full repair services as compared with PJ service center however you should call in and check for availability of parts before sending it for servicing.


Nikon Service center is actually operated by Futuromic Photo AV a popular camera equipment distributor in Malaysia.



  • This service center is located conveniently at heart of Kuala Lumpur. You do not need to travel to PJ in case you want to get your equipment repaired by Nikon official service center


  • There are no free coffee here as compared with Nikon Service Center at PJ.

Getting there

The service center is actually located at the side of Federal Arcade, which is just next to Lowyat Plaza. At the time of writing ,we cannot confirm the availability of parking at Federal Arcade however you can park your vehicle at Lowyat or Imbi Plaza and walk to this place. The cheapest parking there should be at Imbi Plaza. To get to this place, you should exit from Lowyat Plaza main entrance.  You wont miss the huge Nikon logo on your left where where the service center is located.

Address for Nikon Service Center in KL is.

LotGF003-006, G.Floor Federal arcade


03-21420218 , 03-21420219