Nokia 3310

The legendary phone is back after almost 17 years. If there is a phone that can cause nostalgia, it is definitely the Nokia 3310. For those people that were born in the 90s, they will remember this as one of the most popular mobile phones during that time. It is remembered for its super durable build, long-lasting battery and a phone to play the legendary Snake game in.

New Nokia 3310 Design and Display

The design of the new Nokia 3310 is almost similar to the previous version. Its distinctive border found around the screen and the layout of the number keys will throw you back to the olden days. However, Nokia has put in some effort to slim down and modernized the phone to make it extremely pocket friendly. It only weighs 79.6g, which is around 137g lighter than the original version. Hence, you might even forget that it is there when you slipped the phone into your pocket. While the build is made from plastic, it feels solid but only time will tell if it will be as durable as the first generation Nokia 3310.

At the same time, the display technology is really outdated for a modern smartphone but it is a huge upgrade from the previous first generation Nokia 3310. The new Nokia 3310 features a 2.4-inches display that is capable to only display up to 240 x 320 pixel resolutions. Therefore, do not expect a sharp and crisp display from it. In addition, do not go and tap the menu on the screen because it is not a touchscreen and you will need to use the buttons to navigate. The good thing about the new Nokia 3310 is that the text is still readable and you can play the new version of Snake.

Nokia will offer the new Nokia 3310 in 4 different colours; the traditional dark blue, the original grey, psychedelic yellow, and warm red. Both the psychedelic yellow and warm red are the new colours.

New Nokia 3310 Interface and Performance

Given Nokia’s previous involvement in both Windows 10 Mobile and Android operating systems, have you wondered which operating system will Nokia use for its new Nokia 3310? Is it Android or Windows 10 Mobile?

The answer is none. Nokia chooses to use its own feature phone operating system by running the Nokia Series 30+. You are given a number of menu options similar to the first generation and classic Nokia 3310 such as Call Logs, Contacts, Messages, Calculator, Calendar, a basic web browser, photos, music player, radio, and a camera application. There is a rumour that Nokia will also include an app store for the users to download different mobile games and apps in the future.


New Nokia 3310 Battery and Camera

If there is one reason to buy this phone, it is the battery. As the first generation Nokia 3310 was well-known for its long battery life, the new Nokia 3310 will be the same and even better. The new Nokia 3310 comes with a 1200 mAh battery, 300 mAh more than the original version. Due to Nokia’s improvements in the new Nokia 3310 phone efficiency, the new Nokia 3310 offers 22 hours of talk time and an insane standby time of up to 31 days. This is a huge upgrade from the 2.5 hours of talk time and 260 hours of 11 days on standby offered by the first generation Nokia 3310. You can also charge the battery with a standard microUSB cable.

The new Nokia 3310 only comes with one camera on the back. There are no advanced features like flash, HDR, and panorama mode. It is just a simple point and shoot camera app with digital zoom. Do not expect any high quality photos from it.


New Nokia 3310 Price In Malaysia

Nokia has set the selling price for the new Nokia 3310 phone at 49 Euros, which is approximately USD 40, 35 British Sterling Pounds or 55 Australian Dollars. There are no local Malaysian websites with the official selling price at this point in this time. Based on the current exchange rate between Australian Dollars and Malaysian Dollars of 3.34, it will cost approximately RM184 in Malaysia.

While there is no confirmed released date for the new Nokia 3310 as of now, it is slated in quarter 2, between the months from April to June.



Overall, if you fondly remember the first generation Nokia 3310, you will want to get this phone. In addition, get it if you are looking for a backup phone, festival phone or retro phone. If not, you might want to look elsewhere as there are many other more advanced smartphones in the market today.