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Whatsapp jpg is not compatible with Adobe Photoshop

There is a chance you will receive this error when you open your images from Whatsapp in Adobe Photoshop. This is due to format compatible issue when JPG from Whatapp is opened with Adobe Photoshop. There has been numerous complaints however with no obvious solutions from Adobe itself


There is another work around where you can copy the JPG into a clipboard first. To solve this issue you will need to open the JPG photo with any photo editor. One good choice is using MS-Paint (Microsoft) or Paintbrush(Mac) which is freely and widely available. You will need to open the JPG using any photo editor application. Click Ctrl-A (Microsoft) or Cmd-A (MAC) and click Ctrl-C(Microsoft) or Cmd-C (MAC) to copy the file into clipboard . Open your Adobe Photoshop.. click on new file.. Do not worry about file size as Photoshop will automatically adjust according to your copied size.

Use the keyboard shortcut Ctrl-P (Windows) or Cmd-P (Mac) to paste the clipboard image into Photoshop. You are now free to save the new JPG that is compatible with Adobe Photoshop.

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