How To Order Grab Food

Grab has introduce new features called GrabFood to meet your daily needs and satisfy your hunger by delivering your favourite food from your favourite restaurants. This service available in Klang Valley, Penang, Johor Bahru, Melaka, Kuching and Kota Kinabalu. You don’t need to skip your lunch anymore even you’re too busy in the office and you can have your tea time snacks in your convenient way. 


It’s better to top up your Grab account and use Grab e-wallet for easier payment. You can top up with minimum of RM 20.00 through online banking.


Make An Order With GrabFood

  1. Install GrabFood apps in your smartphone, sign up and login your account
  2. Tap Food icon from your apps, you may choose Halal or Non-Halal food. Screen will listed all restaurants depends on your filter.
  3. Enter and confirm your delivery address. Make sure your Location Services in active mode to detect your current location easier for delivery. If your address not listed, you can key in your address and click Search button. Choose your current location.
  4. Choose your favourite restaurant, you’ll see list of menus, pictures and prices.
  5. Select a meal, tap on a food and add to your basket 
  6. If you have any special request, please indicate before adding to basket because some of the food may require client to select additional options
  7. Tap on View Basket to check your order in cart 
  8. At this stage you may:
  9. change delivery address
  10. add more items

iii. add promo code for discount (if have any)

  1. change mode of payment
  2. add a note to the rider such as, “the doorbell is malfunction, please knock on the door”
  3. swiping right the toggle button to request for cutlery
  4. Complete your order by checking the final price and Place Order. 
  5. After placing order, GrabFood will process your order and will inform restaurant and responsible GrabFood rider.
  6. The chosen restaurant must confirm your order before start preparing your foods.
  7. GrabFood will inform customer who is GrabFood rider and estimation time for preparing and delivering your order. You may check this information on your GrabFood apps.
  8. GrabFood apps will also inform when a rider start to delivery food to customer’s address. You may check GrabFood apps time by time and can trace location of GrabFood rider.
  9. When the GrabFood rider arrives, you may receive a delivery notice. Some rider will send your order direct to your hotel’s room or some order may be collect by customer 

at hotel lobby (depend on hotel regulations).

  1. If you order from your house, there’s no problem to deliver unless you stay in an 

apartment with solid security.

  1. You may enjoy your foods anywhere.


There’s some other things you should know after making an order such as :

  1. GrabFood rider will call you through phone to make sure the order is real and delivery address is a valid.
  2. You can cancel the order but not advisable.

iii. GrabFood rider may also cancel your order for any reasonable cause

  1. You have to wait for some times, if your chosen restaurant a bit far from your location. Must be patient while waiting for your foods.
  2. Please give some good rating to GrabFood rider because positive evaluation will benefit them in future.


Now, you don’t have to think about where is a place to eat anymore. With your smartphone, you may order your foods online and so easy. You can save your money, energy, time and having your meal with your friends or families easier, faster than walk in to the restaurant.