P1 Wimax


P1 also called Packet One Networks is a Malaysian broadband and 4G service provider bringing a variety of broadband plans that cater to every individual’s broadband needs.


P1 Broadband

P1 introduces you to one of it’s best broadband plan which is the ForHome® Unlimited Broadband. If you are on a tight budget, P1 has it’s best value starter plan at 5GB quota, 1Mbps of download speed for just RM59. For those sharing up to 4 devices, enjoy unlimited internet at 1Mbps download speed for RM109. For an even better experience, get unlimited internet at 2Mbps download speed for RM159 of sharing up to 8 devices. There are several modem selections available at your pick for further discounts such as the DX 825, DX 230 at RM10 monthly discount and DV 230 at RM20 monthly discount with 15 cents per minute to all local fixed lines and mobile lines. Malaysians can enjoy RM0 upfront fee while a RM100 deposit is required during registration for non-Malaysians. The first month subcription is free and applies to the plan with a 24 month contract. The modem is portable with easy set up and apt home voice service.

p1 plans

Ready to P1ay ToGo® MiFi is another broadband plan that starts at RM59 for best value starter plan with 5GB quota at 1Mbps download speed. For a maximum of 4 sharing devices, ToGo® MiFi offers unlimited Internet at 1Mbps download speed for RM109 and unlimited Internet for up to 8 sharing devices for RM159 at 2Mbps download speed.

MiFi for multiple sharing are based on a 24 month contract and has several modems including MF 230, MX 230 and USB Broadband namely UH 235 and UT 235 for 1 device only based on a 6 month contract. This Ready to P1ay promotion is available for new subscriptions only. This plan allows you to also receive zero upfront fee and first month subscription for free. However, the first month free subscription is not implemented on the ToGo® plan that comes along with the USB Broadband using UH 235 and UT 235 as it is not based on a 24 month contract. The promotion is only eligible for any plan with 24 month contract. For the first bill, there are charges included other than the monthly charge which are a RM106 activation fee (one time), RM 53 registration fee, (RM10.60 x first 5 bills) and prorated fee depending on the starting date of your subscription consequent to the next billing round. Since the plans involve a 24 month contract, RM200 processing fee is imposed if you want to terminate the contract earlier and RM100 processing fee if it is cancelled before 12 months. The modem which is granted comes rent free on a monthly basis and has a lifetime warranty. The accessories such as battery and power adaptor only have a 3 month guarantee. At the time the contract ends, the modem along with it’s accessories must be returned to P1.

If your data quota has finished before the end of the month bill cycle, top up for as low as RM10 for 500 mb and RM15 for 1GB. For a great bargain, there’s the 2GB plan for RM30 and get 1GB free. The plans include 30 days validity with each usage quota buy. All prices quoted above are excluding 6% GST.


We have received reports that P1 is more efficient in terms of speed in urban areas such as Klang Valley or Penang.