Peer to Peer lending Malaysia

Fintech is starting to gain popularity and momentum Malaysia. Malaysia has around 70 billion worth of untapped market for fintech players to explore. Bank Negara has also isssued sandbox framework for fintech regulatory in Malaysia.

What is Peer to Peer (P2P) lending ?

Fintech is abbreviation of financial tech where companies relies heavily on technology while offering financial related services as part of their business operation.  P2P lending platform essentially a Fintech company that lets lender to connect with borrower directly without needs of going through banks. P2P is usually targeted

Suruhanjaya Sekuriti Malaysia (SSM) has recently approved 6 fintech based P2P finacing companies in Malaysia. These are the first regulated P2P players in the Asean region  Here are the list of the first few regulated P2P companies in Malaysia.


Ethis Kapital


Ethis Kapital claims to be one for the first Islamic based crowd funding platform in the world. Ethis Kapital will leveraged on their existing EthisCrowd and KapitalBoost platform to provide Islamic P2P lending in Malaysia


FundedByMe Malaysia


FundedByMe is a joint venture between Malaysian Alix Global and Sweeden based  FundedByMe. FundedByMe is a Sweedish based crowdfunding platform with over 72,000 investor spanning across 178 countries


ManagePay Services

ManagePay is an existing payment management system looking to expand into the P2P industry via QuickKash with aims to provide affordable financing to SME in Malaysia.



Peoplelender plans to help Malaysian SME and entrepreneurs with their financial needs. Malaysians can invest and connect with SME and micro businesses with as little as RM 50.


Modalku Ventures

Modalku Ventures a venture capitalist company. Modalku Ventures will be expanding into P2P lending industry with it’s new platform Funding Societies.



B2B FinPAL is a subsidiary of B2BCommerce a company that provideds business to business application services for eCommerce industries in Malaysia.


While some players are already in operation. All these P2P operators are expected to be fully functional by 2017.