Where to play PokemonGo in Penang

The world famous game Pokemon Go is finally on Malaysian shores after months of disappointment. It is such a big thing in Penang that hundreds to thousands of people here gathered around different hot spots to farm for Pokeballs and to capture Pokemons. While it is our quest to hunt and collect all of the Pokemons, we may not be living nearby to Pokestops or Poke Gyms. Therefore, we are pleased to share with you a few hot spots in Penang where you can restock your Pokeballs and capture more Pokemons. Most of these areas have a high chance of lures being installed throughout the day and night so you can literally catch till you drop.


Gurney Paragon

Gurney Paragon is said to be one of the best hotspots in Penang if you would like to catch water-types Pokemons. There are 13 Pokestops within Gurney Paragon itself so you can restock your Pokeballs easily. They are known as Paragon W Sign, Melody Fountain, Giant Coffee Cup Fountain, Paragon Fountain, Paragon Vase Fountain, Morganfield’s Fountain, Modern Terracotta Warrior, Time Frame of Gurney Penang, Penang Wall Mural, Two Fish and A Lobster, Guitar Fountain, White Bulls and Trishaw Mural. There is also a Gym known as St. Joseph’s Novitate which you can battle it out with other Pokemon teams and trainers.  A word of caution, try not to stand in front of the Gurney Paragon condominium entrance. It is considered an upmarket residential and the security guard will ask you to move away if he sees you standing there for too long. Some of the rarer Pokemons I have personally caught in Gurney Paragon are Ivysaur, Kadabra, Seadra, Magmar, Golduck and Gyarados. In my experience, Gurney Paragon is filled with Magikarps, Pinsirs and the common Pokemons like Ratatta, Pidgey and so on. Someone also claimed that he caught a Venusaur here.



The whole of Georgetown is filled with Pokestops everywhere. It is almost impossible to list down all of them. A very good farming spot to restock your Pokeballs is Armenian Street. There are clusters of Pokestops nearby to each other so it makes it very convenient for you to reach all of them. Be careful when you are playing in this area as several police reports were lodged against Pokemon Go players by the residents staying over there for noise pollution and traffic obstruction within the area. I met several policemen just now and they advised us not to block the roads by parking irresponsibly and try to keep the noise level down. It was said that Dragonite was caught in Armenian Street last night near to the Masjid Lebuh Acheh Pokestop. I caught a Jynx here and my friend was lucky to catch a Nine Tails around this area. There is also a Pokemon Gym located at the famous bicycle art mural.


Queensbay Mall

Similar to Gurney Paragon, Queensbay Mall has a total of 13 Pokestops too in order to make your restocking easier. Ironically, both of these malls are owned by the same management. The Pokestops are known as 3D Elephant Mural, Elephant Wall, Queensbay Wooden House Post Box, Sunken Treasure Box, Cat Sculpture, Dragon Master, Elephant Sculpture, Snake Sculpture, Bull Sculpture, Monkey Sculpture, Swine Sculpture, Lamb Sculpture and Another Elephant Sculpture. Personally, I have not caught any rare Pokemons here. I have only caught a Ponyta here which I thought it was rare but it turns out that there are plenty of Ponytas in the next area listed below.


Karpal Singh Drive (KSD)

In my opinion, this is the best spot to play Pokemon Go in Penang. Prior to the existence of Pokemon Go, this area is usually dead. Today, it is filled with hundreds to thousands of Pokemon Go players and it is really a happening scene to be in especially during Fridays and weekends. The area is also surrounded with plenty of restaurants and cafes so you can actually have a coffee or have your food while you catch Pokemons and farm at the Pokestops. Personally, I am here during most of the nights because there are just so many Pokestops and the lures are installed non-stop for the whole night. I have caught rare Pokemons like Lapras, Snorlax, Aerodactyl, Charmeleon and Kabuto here. Some girl also claimed that she caught not one but two Dragonite here! In my experience, I have caught 2 Lapras over here. In another report, a guy claimed that he caught an Asian Regional exclusive Pokemon known as Farfetch’d here too. There are also a couple of Poke Gyms around this area that you can battle it out with other teams and other Pokemon trainers.

Pokemon Nest in Penang



Voltrob can be found at Komtar Walk area