Pokemon Go Malaysia



Pokemon Go is now live in Malaysia and Singapore

Pokemon Go has pretty much captured the attention of Pokemon and Gamers enthusiast around the world. Malaysians are also eagerly waiting for this game. Unfortunately,  Niantic Nintendo announced that this game will not be released so soon in Malaysia. So you probably won’t be able to download it from your Google Play or Apple Store. At the time of writing there are only less than 30 countries with Pokemon go. You can also subscribe to the list below to get notification when Pokemon Go is available in Malaysia http://www.mmoserverstatus.com/pokemon_go . Rumours has it that the App will be released on August

What is Pokemon Go

Pokemon Go is a type of Augmented Reality (AR) game where you will play as a Pokemon Trainer. The game will be using your devices camera, map and GPS where you have to go to specific locations in real world in find, train and capture Pokemon. Players will have to navigate to PokeStop to get experience, items and Pokeball. When you reach a specific location on the map, occasionally Pokemons will appear. Pokemons can only be viewed by AR camera of the app as if it’s there in the real world or you could choose to view Pokemons as is. You as a Pokemon Trainer will have to capture the Pokemons. You will be able to train these Pokemons in Gyms nearby your place.

The goal of the game is to capture and grow and train the 151 Pokemons in the game. The catch is, different type of Pokemon can only be captured from certain states and geographical location. For example, and aquatic Pokemons will only be available to places near the shoreline. Pokemon Go requires extensive travelling so you can reach as much PokeStop as possible.

The Other Ways I can play Pokemon GO in Malaysia?

APK Download ( Android)

Fortunately there are ways you can unofficially download the app in Malaysia although there are dangers of downloading unofficial version of the APK. This may include virus and malware infection. There are also no gaurantee that the App will work on all devices.  Install the app at your own risk. Here is how you can download the APK version of Pokemon Go.

The APK (Android) version of Pokemon Go is avaiable on the link below


Screenshot 2016-07-16 18.00.06

The file is around 58MB in size so it may take a while to download. Once you have downloaded , the APK may be blocked. You will have to allow installation from unknown sources when installing the APK.

2016-07-16 10.08.54

Installation is pretty straightforward. You will get to sign up and create your Pokemon trainer character.  There seems to be nothing much on Pokemon map yet as this app is not officially released in Malaysia. You probably will only have the option to capture one of two initial Pokemon. Fortunately there are ways where you can spoof your GPS. This may involve more steps and many other untrusted installations


How to run Pokemon GO with Fake GPS ?

Ok. You will not be able to really play Pokemon Go since Niantic has not officially launch it. There are ways to get the app working when you fake your GPS location to a country that has Pokemon Go by using some other apps

*Warning, please take your own risk when rooting and faking your GPS. Rooting your device may cause loss of warranty. We will not take any responsibility for anything that happens to your device and your Pokemon Go account.

  1.  You will first need to root your Android to be able to run these Apps. You can root your device by using Kingroot APK


2. Download Hide my Root or RootCloack , https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.amphoras.hidemyroot This is to prevent the App from detecting Root access. Please set the app to hide your root

3. Download Fake GPS Spoofer from Google play

4. Download Lucky Pacther http://lucky-patcher.en.uptodown.com/android/download.  Open up Lucky patch

Install Fake GPS Spoofer from Lucky pacther. Then move FakeGPS to systemapp

5. Make sure  ‘Developer options’ :  ‘Allow mock locations’ is not enabled on your phone

6. Make sure the Expert mode is selected in the FakeGPS

2016-07-27 13.00.54

7. Open up FakeGPS. Enable the fake location to cities where Pokemon Go is available. (Australia, USA ,etc) . Click on play button to enable the fake location

2016-07-19 03.47.22

7. Launch Pokemon Go in Malaysia. You are good to go ! The map street and location will be off since you are loading a different map onto your phone GPS with fake GPS. All navigation are done with the fake GPS. You don’t even need to walk around.




In case there are issues with fake GPS. You can try these methods.

  1. Make sure your GPS is set to GPS only. Settings->Location->Mode

2016-07-19 03.59.36

2. Reboot your phone. Some App settings will only take effect after restart.


Review on the game

Pokemon Go is very addictive. To be honest,  I wasn’t interested on the game at first but now i’m hooked on it. The game is pretty battery intensive and your phone may get a little hot playing it for a long time. You may want to have a spare powerbank on standby always

Pokemon Go tips for starter

  1. Always keep your Stardust for later Pokemons. Do not ever waste it on Pokemons such as Ratata or Pigdey. As you level up, you will encounter higher CP(Power) Pokemons where it is more worthwhile to spend your Stardust with
  2. The best place to capture Pokemons are at the parks and somewhere near the near beach and lakes
  3. Always capture the same type of Pokemons for Candies, Stardust and Transfer it straight away to get more candies. This will enable you to evolve and upgrade your Pokemons

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