Pokemon Nest locations NYC

Evolving Pokemons is perhaps the easier way for you to get a rare Pokemon as rare Pokemons spawns less. It is also hard for you to capture one if the rare Pokemon have a high CP.

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These are one of the most commonly available Pokemon in the game. However 400 Magikarp candies will let you evolve your karp into Gyarados. Ideally, Magikarp can be found somewhere near the water. The best place to find Magikarp in NYC is near the Hudson River. The Pokestops here are usually attached with 24 hours continuous lure modules. Magikarp can be found plentiful on Piers near Intrepid Sea, Air & Space Meusem. You can get a Gyarados within a few hours here

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Check out several piers near this location as they spawns a lot of Magikarps.  This place also has a lot of water Pokemon such as PsyDuck.




Dratini is harder to come by. This Pokemon is very important if you are planning to evolve a Dragonite, possible one of the strongest available Pokemon so far.  You will have to evolve your Dragonite into Dragonair with requires 25 Dratini candies first. It would cost another 100 Dragonite candies to evolve a Dragonair into Dragonite.  Piers at Hudson river is also a good place where you can find Dratini Spawning regularly. Besure to check out pier 83, 84, Intrepid Sea, Air & Space Museum, and those piers north of this location. This location also spawns Dragonair randomly

South side of Battery park is also a good location for Dratini Nest.

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Eevee candies are important if you are planning to evolve a Vaporeon, Jolteon or Flareon. You will need 25 Eevee candies to evolve into one randomly or there is an easter egg where you can choose the evolution path of your Eevee. You can change your Eevee name to Pyro for Flareon, Sparky for Jolteon or Rainer for Vaporeon. One great Eevee spawning location is the area Midtown west to Coliseum Park and Central Park.  The front of Hearst Tower is know to have Eevee spawning regularly.  Check out the Starbucks at facing the Central Park Place , Bathesha Fountain and Damrosch Park

eevee nest



Charmander candies are important if you plan to evolve a Charizard. Charizardneeds a total of 125 Charmander candies. Parking lot next to Citi Fields ,The Unisphere Globe , parking lot at Queens Museum , Flushing Meadow are known good nests

Charmander nest



St. James park , Bronx is a good location for Squirtle nest .



Brooklyn Botanic Garden, Prospect Park



There are no real farm for ExeggCute as these Pokemon does not spawn in dozens. But you can always find one that spawn regularly at Central park at the areas of The Metropolitan Museum of Art , 85 Street Tranverse



Snorlax does spawn in NYC but it is very rare. Particularly in Central Park. Do expect only 1 or 2 random spawns per day or it’s lesser. Shorlax has been spotted at Bethesda fountain, Grand army plaza and Strawberry fields before.  You may have to camp at Central Park the whole day just to have an opportunity to encounter a Snorlax.



Tips for Pokemons Evolutions

Always select the Pokemon with highest CP for evolution. This is ensure that your evolved Pokemon have a higher CP. Send back the low CP Pokemon immediately for candies while keep a few high CP Pokemon as candidates for evolution.

It is also a good idea to keep your candies and Pokemon for evolution only when you have a higher Trainer Level. Higher level trainer will often encounter higher CP Pokemons and produce higher CP Pokemons after evolution.