Pokemon Tretta in Malaysia Guide

Pokemon Tretta is an interesting arcade game that is available in Malaysia. This video arcade game is developed by Tomy Takara originally available in Japan and is becoming popular in countries such as Taiwan, Philippines, Singapore and Malaysia. Pokemon Tretta is distributed Molly Fantasy which is the video arcade section that is typically available around Aeon Supermarket in Malaysia.  At the moment Pokemon Tretta is only available at Aeon Molly Fantasy arcades.


Quick Guide

Typically it cost RM 4 for a game of Pokemon Tretta. It can be quite expansive play if you got addicted so it is recommend that you subscribe to Molly Fantasy promotion for more value play. Players will be able to battle , catch and collect Pokemon Chips termed Tretta. These Tretta chip is no larger than 1 inch in size and will contains the Pokemon’s information. Each play will delivery a single Tretta at the end of the game ,while player also have the choices to buy more if they captured more than 1 Pokemon.  After capturing each Pokemon, players will own the Trettas while it can also be used on the next battle to capture more Pokemon.

How to start playing 

For a start , player will have to purchase Credits from Molly counters. Player will then swipe the credit into the Tretta machine to be able to start the game. Player will get to choose to Enter “Search and Battle ” or purchase a Tretta right away. Selection can be done with the Roulette Dial. It is generally accepted that “Search and Battle” would be the better choice to enjoy the game. Play will be then prompted a screen where they can choose an Area for battle with a silhouette of a basic Pokemon.

There are 6 areas in Pokemon Tretta. Ranging from Area 1 to Area 6

Once the scene is selected, 3 opposing Pokemon will appear.  As a basic rule of thumb,  players would keep an eye “If a strong Pokemon” appears,  as these are the rarer and stronger Pokemon.  Capturing these rarer Pokemon would be tougher than the normal ones.

Players will now have the choice to use their own 3 Pokemon Trettas to battle or they can also rent if they do not have a Tretta. The battle will commence with Pokemons that is quite straight forward.


Pokemon’s overall strength is rated by it’s start available on the bottom right of the Tretta chip. Generally Pokemon a Pokemon class is categorize by it’s stars. The higher the star indicates the better and rarer the Pokemon is.

Stars in Pokemon Tretta

1 star

2 stars (Super Class)

3 stars (Hyper Class)

4 stars (Master Class)

Legend and Ultimate Pokemon.

Secret Class


Tretta Colors

Gold : Ultimate

Black: Legend

Master: Sparkles

Secret: Transparent

Pokemon type would generally follows the standard Pokemon rules where a certain type of Pokemon would counter another type of Pokemon

Trading & Buying Pokemon Trettas

It’s hard to start with Pokemon Tretta when you do not have strong Pokemons to begin with. It is almost impossible to get Legends and Master Pokemons if you do not have something strong to start with. There are great places to trade buy and sell Pokemon at Mudah or here   

How to hunt for Powerful Pokemon Tretta

Here are some good counter Pokemon for highly sought Trettas


Dialga Legend 

Usually found at area 3 and are 5   , Effective Pokemon counter : Dialga Legend, Kyrem Master, Xeneas Legend


Darkrai Legend

Usually found at area 4 and area 5 , Effective Pokemon :Xerneas Legend, Xerneas Master, Lucarid Master

Spritomb Legend

Found at area 6 and area 3 , Effective Pokemon : Giratina Master, Darkrai Legend, M.Gengar Hyper


Xerneas Master

Found at area 1 and area 2, Effective Pokemon : Metagross Master, Gengar Hyper, Zekrom master

Yvelal Master

Found at area 3 and area 5, Effective Pokemon: Zekrom Master , Kyurem Master, Crustle Hyper


Greninja Master

Found at area 2 and area 6, Effective Pokemon : Xerneas Legend, Xerneas Master, Lucarid Master

Lucarid Master 

Found at area 5 and area 6, Effective Pokemon, Xerneas Legend, Xerneas Master, Yvetal Master


Diancie Master

Found at area1 and area 5, Metagross Master, Aegislash Trophy, Aegislash Hyper

Tyranitar Master

Found at area 5 and area 3 , Lucarid Master, Metagroass Master, Greninja Master


Charizard X master 

Found at area 1 and area 3 , Greninja Master, Tyranitar Master, Milotic Secret