Print Maybank2u bank statement

Video Tutorial

Login to Maybank2u

Bank Statement printing is crucial. There are 2 ways you can print Maybank bank statement. The first way you will have to bring all your necessary document and walk into a branch to print. You can also follow this tutorial to print statement online for free and easy

Fortunately, we can now print bank statements online instead of walking to branches. It is quick easy and hassle free with online banking accounts.

You will first need to be logged into Maybank2u. This is the typical process where you will need to key in your password and username. You will also need to verify the security photo. To print any statement, you will have to identify which account that you want the statement to be printed from. The process should be straightforward

Go to your account

You will need to go to any account that you want the statement to be printed. Select the account that you want to statement to be generated. Click on settings the tree dots on the top right corner , of the account that you selected. There will be a pop up menu where you will have other options.  Click “View Statement” on the account that you want the statement to be printed.


Click Select the Date range to be generated

There will be a date option this will be the maximum “date to” of the statement that you can generate. The statement is compiled for every 3 months. There will be a selection for every 3 months starting from last year. Click on the date to confirm the range of statement to generate that statement that you want.

All your 3 months transaction history on the selected account will be printed. Do take note that you will have to print different statements if you want to print history from different accounts in Maybank.



Click Save

You will then receive a PDF format of the statement. Click on Save to download a copy of the PDF. You can then print or email the PDF for any purpose. You can now save or send the document to a printer for printing

Do bear in mind that you can only print a maximum 1 year statement with Maybank2u.  You will need to request at branch for any statements which are older than that period or you actually receive monthly statement from your bank via your registered email. You can dig back these email for your account bank statement.