How To Print Past CIMB Receipt

CIMBClicks is personal banking service over the internet provided by CIMB Bank. Many facilities provided by CIMBClicks as listed below :

  • Check and manage your personal CIMB accounts
  • Transfer Fund / Money – to other CIMB account or other banks via Interbank GIRO (IBG) or Instant Transfer
  • Online Application forms for CIMB ASB loan, Business Premises Loan and Property financing
  • Access CIMB Bank Singapore account via CIMB Clicks Malaysia
  • Pay Bills
  • Top up mobile prepaid 
  • Payment alerts & Reminders
  • Remittance
  • eStatement for your CIMB Bank accounts
    eIPO & Share Trading
  • eFixed Deposit
  • ASNB
  • Wakaf on CIMB Clicks
    Contribute towards any taking part Wakaf Funds via CIMB Clicks with a minimum contribution of simply RM10. 


The advantages of using CimbClicks are as below : 

  1. Business can be done in a comfortable manner
  2. No need to go to the bank

iii. No need to queue at the bank

  1. No need to withdraw money from your account
  2. All transactions can be made after office hours

Receipt and bank statement are important document. These two documents can use to make a claim or a loan (bank statement). Nowadays, you don’t have to waste your time to get either receipt or bank statement from the bank. Like other banks, CIMB also provide online banking for their customers. You may get your receipt or bank statement from CIMBClicks easier through your phone or computer.


Let’s follow this tutorial for those who don’t know how to get and print out pass CIMB receipt.

  1. Login in your CIMB Clicks account with your username and password.
  2. Go to dashboard and click My Account. You will see all your CIMB account on main menu.
  3. Click on SA Passbook to view bank account transaction details.
  4. The screen will show all your transaction history.
  5. Go to Pay & Transfer and go to Transaction History and you can see all your transaction history.
  6. To print your specific transaction, click on the reference number.
  7. You will see the details all transaction including name and account number, date, time and amount of transfer.
  8. To save your receipt, click on icon, and choose PDF to save the file.
  9. Your receipt will be downloading and you can see receipt in a while.
  10. Click printer button to print your past receipt. Your pages printed out in A4 size paper may not fit the layout prescribed in your browser and may cause the extra pages to print.


Notes: To view a record for a specific day, click on the date and enter the desired date. For example yesterday, last 7 days or select the date according to the calendar provided.

Video Tutorial