How to print transaction history Maybank2u

These days, many Malaysians avoid transferring money online especially when using Internet banking portal such as Maybank2u. The number of online transactions have increased tremendously and Maybank2u or any other online banking receipts can be accepted as one of the standard ways to proof payments to a party. Some users always have problem of forgetting to print the receipt due to accidents. So this guide is written to show people how to print past receipt on Maybank2u.

Video Tutorial

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1 )Login to classic Maybank2u , this would be standard. You will need to be logged in order to access your previous receipts 

Note. The new Maybank2u do not have history record. You will need to login to the old Maybank2u by accessing the button “Back to the classic Maybank2u” on the bottom right.


2) You will need to access the Maybank2u account that was used to transfer the money  


For this case, I’m transferring out from Savings account so I will need to access the exact account that I use for the funds transfer


4) This is one of the key step, please select the M2U history

This is important, please select “M2U history” as other options will NOT give you the option to reprint any receipts.


5) Option “Reprint” is now available

There will be a reprint option on the history transaction with the dates, amount of transaction and pay to displayed. Click on reprint and you will have the PDF version of each transaction. To convert to Jpeg, you can easily use “Print Screen” on your keyboard and “Ctrl-V” the print screen into MS-Paint or equivalent program on other operating system


6) Access older receipts

You can also use this button at the very bottom to access the transaction history for the past 30 days. Do take note that you can only print whatever that is within past 30 days. If you need to print anything older , you will have to write in an official letter to Maybank.  You will need to contact them at Maybank Group Customer Care/ 1300 88 6688 . 

At the moment they have a very responsive official Facebook page at too.