PS5 Price in Malaysia

Sony Playstation 5 is the ultimate gaming console for most gamers out there. Sony PS5 has been released since 2020 and features much improvement compared to previous generation of PS4.  It has much better graphics and processor while it’s using the AMD’s Zen2 CPU and RDNA GPU that offers great improvement in graphics processing.  The unit has the capability of 4K output making the full experience with 4k screen. While it  is possible to experience 8k output, however Sony has limited the output to 4k.  With the latest hardware upgrade, PS5 is smooth and fast even with PS VR games. With the latest RayTracing technology, users will be able to experience much reality graphic with great improvement in lighting and shadow.

PS5 also has a built in faster SSD which offers great improvement in terms of gaming experience as compared to PS4.  It comes with a default of 825GB SSD. There are currently more than 500 games compatible with Play Station 5. PS5 is also backwards compatible with major PS4 games.

PS5 Japan set vs PS5 Malaysia set

Dualsense Controller

Newly improved Dualsense controller , which allows user to experience vibration and tension when playing PS5 compatible game. Greatly improving gaming experience

Choice of PS5

PS5 is available in various units. There is a digital unit and a unit with DVD disks. With digital unit, the games are downloaded digitally and you will have to sign in to download your games, while you can play DVD with disk version.


Is PS5 available in Malaysia?

At one time, PS5 is almost impossible to obtain while scalping price can go as high as RM4,500.00 per unit. The good news is there are plenty of PS5 stocks in Malaysia as of now and scalpers are having trouble keeping supply limited in the market. Here are some great place you can find PS5

How to buy ps5 in malaysia

PS5 Price in Malaysia

Regionally , Thailand would have the cheapest PS5. There are a few ways to get PS5 in Malaysia. It is available at official store however , the stocks maybe limited. Retail price of PS5 from official Sony store is. PS5 Malaysia comes with a default of 1 year warranty and choices to add extended warranty.

Official Store

Playstation 5 Blu-Ray Disk Drive 825GB SSD  

RM 2,499.00

Playstation 5 Digital Edition 825GB SSD  

RM 2,069.00


Japanese Units CFI -1200B

These units are not officially imported by Sony Malaysia thus it has no warranty or the warranty is limited to seller’s warranty. However the price can be super competitive and more stocks available.  Here are some units we can find


Asia Set

No issues with warranty

Cheapest digital version RM 1,968.00

Used units

Used are great ways to save costs.