Ps4 price in malaysia


The new PS4 has been announced by Sony. The new Playstation is dubbed Sony’s next generation console. It is now called PS4 Pro instead of PS4 Neo as rumored. The new PS4 PR will only be available starting 16th September 2016 in US while no news yet for the release on PS4 in other regions. So far, Playstation 4 slim was released together with PS4 PRO which is obviously the higher end of PS4 and a PlayStation VR. The new PS4 has received a new cool design. PS4 Slim is now slimmer and more portable compared to it’s predecessor. Besides the doubled GPU processing power that pro received, the PS4 Pro focuses very much on 4k and HDR displays.

PS4 comes with a default 500MB or 1TB storage for your games and applications. Besides the standard gaming, PS4 can also be used to browse the Internet, Gaming and stream 4K movies from Youtube and Netflix. The PS4 Pro supports newer 4K display games as well as existing old PS4 games too.







Each PS4 comes with a wireless controller. This DualShock4 controller is claimed to be one of the most ergonomic that was designed by Sony.






This VR device is sold seperately with PS4. As the name suggests, PS4 will brings Virtual Reality technology to PS4.




PS4 Fat, PS4 slim  vs PS4 Pro

There are currently 3 versions of PS4 in the market. FS4 Fat would be the oldest, PS4 Slim and PS4 Pro the latest. Each later version received hardware upgrades thus leading to better gaming experience. The most advance and expansive would be the PS4 Pro

Apart from the price difference, PS4 Pro has more processing power on it. PS4 Pro is thicker and bigger than PS4. PS4 Pro also has a 4K High Dynamic Range (HDR) output  with 60 FPS display making this one of the best video output for gaming console. But the problem is, you need a high end 4k TV to be able to fully enjoy 4K display. PS4 will still work if your existing LCD display however will auto adjust the resolutions based on what your TV can support. The good news is, you can also consider buying a new 4K LCD TV with PS4 Pro then.

Finally Sony Malaysia has unveiled the prices of PS4 Slim and PS4 Pro in Malaysia. However there are no news yet on when this cool console will be available here.   PS4 will be available on late September while PS4 Pro will be available on October. Here are the official prices of PS4 in Malaysia

What is PS4 Jailbreak ? 

Jailbreak is the process of rooting the PS4 console unit, so user can install pirated games into it. The process also void the PS4 warranty. 


Retail price from Sony Malaysia (New) 

The benefit of getting PS4 new is the warranty that is covered by Sony Malaysia. 

PS4 Fat   : RM 1,011.00

PS4 Slim : RM 1,349.00

PS4 Pro  : RM 1,799.00


Used PS4 Price malaysia

With prices of PS5 dropping, the good news is we get to buy PS4 cheaper. Here are some good bargains on PS4 in the market. The price would depend on condition of the unit. There also selling bundling up games or screen with the console itself. 

PS 4 Fat : RM600 – 800

PS 4 Slim : RM 800 -RM1,000+ 

PS4 Pro :  RM 800 – RM 1,000 +