PS5 Japan set vs PS5 Malaysia set

PS5 has been around the market for a while, there has been very limited Malaysia set at one time thus scalper is selling sky high price. Luckily things are different now with plenty of Malaysia set around the market. So what is the difference between PS5 Japan set and Malaysia Set ? This article is also written to help buyers identify the differences between Japanese PS5 set and Malaysian PS5 set. There are also pros and cons of buying Japanese versus Malaysia set.

Can I use Japan PS5 in Malaysia?

Why Japanese set exists? At one time , there almost none existence Malaysian PS5 stock although the product was launched in Malaysia during 2020. This is due to shortage of electronics and devices due to Covid-19 restrictions. Thus, grey importer are bringing their own PS5 directly from Japan.  There are no issues playing with Japanese set if you are playing the unit in Malaysia. PS5 are the same across continents and there are no regional restriction for PS5 consoles. So the answer is, YES , you can use Japanese PS5 in Malaysia.


Obviously Japanese PS5 set would be cheaper than Malaysia set as it does not need to go thru official distribution in Malaysia. Typically you can save a few hundred ringgits if you buy a Japanese set. You are not cheated,  if your seller has clearly stated that the set is Japan set and selling it cheaper than Malaysian set.


You can only claim warranty for Japanese set in Japan , while you can claim Malaysian warranty for Malaysia. There are also shops selling new Japanese set, but they are providing shop warranty , typically 30 days onwards. So if you bought a new Japanese Set and there are problems, you will have to deal with the shop directly. There are also no extended warranty available if you are buying Japanese set.

Power Pin

Japanese PS5 set has a different power connector versus Malaysia set.  Japanese unit of PS5 has a 2 Pin JIS C 8303 (YP-13) connector.  Do not worry as you can use a converter or a completely new power cable and the unit should work in Malaysia too.


Japanese PS5 model number

Japanese PS5 has a model number of CFI-1000A at the back of the unit.  Malaysian PS5 typically has a  CFI-1018A and CFI-1018B  model number.



Malaysian set has a SIRIM sticker attached on it



Unverified believe that Made in Japan products are superior thus it has better quality control versus Malaysian sets.


As a conclusion, would you want to save a few hundred ringgit to get a Japanese set ? There are usually no issues with new PS5, at least for 1 year , would you want to take that risk ? Or you will need to sent to shop repair at your own expenses if anything happens . The choice is totally up for you to decide.


PS5 Price in Malaysia