PTPTN blacklist

Starting at the end of 2019, Perbadanan Tabung Pendidikan Tinggi Nasional or PTPTN loan defaulters will be blacklisted on CCRIS and immigration department. This means that these defaulters will have a bad credit score and may be unable to get loans from banks while they are also barred from leaving the country

This move is taken by the government due to high amount of defaults and bad debts from PTPTN. According to numbers from PTPTN, there are more than 1.3 million defaulters who did not bother to repay their PTPTN since 1998. The amount of bad debts have ballooned to Rm 1.2 billion.


Please plan your journey ahead by checking whether you are being barred from travelling overseas. You don not want to be stucked at the airport while your business or holiday trip has been planned. Fortunately there are convenient ways where you can perform your check online with Immigration.

How to check for PTPTN Blacklist ?

Method 1

This is the official immigration site for barred list.

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  1. You can enter your IC number and the system will lookup Immigration department database whether you are barred from leaving the country
  2. The system will display “Tiada Halangan” which means that there are no blacklist on the IC number.

Method 2

PTPTN also has a SMS system where you can check your PTPTN status. You will need your IC number and PTPTN Pin number in order to check your status. To check please type “PTPTN<space><PinNumber> <space><ICNumber> to 33199. Each SMS is subjected to RM0.50 service charge.

What if you are a blacklist ? 

PTPTN will send a maximum of 3 reminders when a PTPTN borrower fails to settle their loan in 3 months. Once these reminders have been sent, PTPTN will send a Summon letters where a PTPTN borrowers can be blacklisted if he or she fails to repay any loan.

You will need to find out the exact reasons in case your loan was rejected or you were barred from leaving the country. Please print out the CCRIS report from nearest Bank Negara Branch or your Bankers with the PTPTN blacklist. Please visit the nearest PTPTN branches where you will be assigned an officer. You will need to show the officer your reports and inform them that you want to clear your name from CCRIS.

You will have to negotiate with the officers on the sum of resettlement and scheduled repayment. Defaulters will probably have to settle at least half of the loan amount while the remaining can be paid on installment basis.  You will receive a letter from PTPTN where you can submit to bank as supporting letter for the loan application. It may take 1 month or more for the PTPTN blacklist to be cleared from CCRIS. You may then resubmit your loan application again.


  • As of of 2016 there are 1.3 million PTPTN borrowers being blacklisted in Malaysia. They will not be able to travel abroad and take up bank loans.
  • On Budget 2017 announcement, Prime Minister Najib Razak announced that discounts will be given to borrowers who settle their PTPTN loans.  15% discounts will be give to those who fully their debt while 10% will be given to those to whole half of their debt.  10% is also given to those who repays their salary via auto debit and salary reduction.


If you have never repay any amount, you may want to reconsider start paying your PTPTN loans. If you are in a tight financial situation, the minimum PTPTN payment per month is only RM 50. Government has also giving out rebate and discounts to those who started repaying their PTPTN loans on March 2015. Please repay what you borrow so others can proceed with their higher education too.