How to Register as a FoodPanda Rider

FoodPanda is a food delivery service, where reservations are made online by using the FoodPanda apps. Customer’s orders will be deliver by FoodPanda rider within a short period of time upon receipt of order.

This service allows customers to enjoy a meal without having to leave the house. This service is popular because it also saves time and energy. For those who want to start their career as a FoodPanda rider or want to earn more, you can join FoodPanda’s group as a part-time rider. In fact, it can be made full-time depending on the individual.

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How to join FoodPanda community

Before becoming a FoodPanda rider, you must first register. How to register and start as a FoodPanda rider are as follows:


  1. Browse the FoodPanda website and sign up at FoodPanda services have grown almost all over Malaysia.
  1. Select the area or city where you live and click the apply now button.
  2. Fill in your personal information such as your full name, phone number, email and date of birth.
  1. Enter your language choice either in Malay or English.


  1. When you have entered all the necessary information, click the submit button.


  1. After registering, you will receive a text message from FoodPanda, and they will ask 

    you to come to the FoodPanda office to hear a simple briefing. There will be a 

    practical session with a senior on how to handle orders and deliveries and if there  

    are no problems during practice, you can already become a FoodPanda rider.


  1. At the end of the practical session, you can register and get the id and password for 

   the FoodPanda apps.


  1. Then, get FoodPanda equipment such as pink t-shirts, thermos bags and 

    FoodPanda bags.


  1. You can start your career as a FoodPanda rider the next day.


Requirements As a FoodPanda Food Delivery


  1. Own a motorcycle as a medium of transportation. If the motorcycle is not your own, 

    make sure the insurance’s cover note is an All Rider.


  1. Have a valid transportation license of at least L license


  1. Have a valid road tax


  1. A bank account for payroll, preferably a CIMB bank account because of the faster 

    payment process


  1. A deposit of RM 100 should be provided. This money will be refunded once you 

    stop being a rider


  1. FoodPanda rider must also be 18 years of age and older


  1. Have a smartphone with Android OS version 4.2 and above. For IPhone users it 

    must be at least an IPhone 4S or newer model


  1. Must be responsible for orders received from FoodPanda customers

The food delivery radius is around 5km. This is to make it easier for FoodPanda rider to ship orders from customers. Usually, every order will be accepted through the FoodPanda app. The system will automatically send the order request directly to the apps. If the rider is nearby and can accept the order, the rider will need to click the accept job button and immediately go to the vendor or restaurant to pick up the food ordered and delivery will be made directly to the customer’s address.

Riders who are less familiar with customer addresses can use google map apps or waze to facilitate delivery. For those of you who want to earn more with FoodPanda, you can work two shifts in a row because working as a FoodPanda rider is very flexible. As a FoodPanda rider, you can book work shifts according to your availability.

Initially, each rider will be paid RM 5.00 to RM 6.00 an hour over the weekend. However, the rate will increase from RM 6.00 to RM 7.00 per hour after 3 months of working. When a rider has been working for 6 months, the pay rate will increase from RM 7.50 to RM 8.50 per weekend. There will be a tips for every 1 trip of RM 3.00 and the rider will usually be able to get up to 4 delivery trips depending on the booking area.

FoodPanda will pay weekly rider pay where it pays salaries on Tuesdays. This is one of the ways you can easily earn a weekly income.