How to register for Grab food?

Grab started to go far in providing Grab Food service to replace Uber Eats which it conducts by Uber before and Grab Food can be request by mobile through Grab Food apps.


As a customer, you can make reservations through the Grab Food apps by simply choosing the restaurant and meal you want. Delivery will be made by Grab Food rider. This is very convenient for many people especially for those who are too busy with the day-to-day routine.


The existence of Grab Food has created many job opportunities for the unemployed, especially among the young nowadays. The job as a Grab Food rider is very simple and easy. You just have to wait for an order from customers, go to the restaurant and pick up the food, and deliver to the customer’s address.


For those of you who are working full-time and want to earn more, you can also join the Grab Food group by working as a part-timer depending on your availability. However, for those who are still unemployed, they can also do this job as a full time rider. You can get a variety of incentives once you join Grab Food’s food delivery network.


Before you become as a of Grab Food’s rider, you must first register for a job. How to apply for a Grab Food rider is as follows:


  1. Visit the Grab Food website at


  1. Enter your personal information such as full name, phone number, email, city and

    type of vehicle. Tick phrase “I agree to the terms and conditions” and click the Sign   

    up Now button


  1. The company will process your application and will contact you for completing the 



  1. You will be provided with training and delivery kits at Grab Driver Center, Jaya One


  1. Please log into the GrabFood Driver apps and start receiving customer orders


Requirements As a Grab Food Rider

  • Must have a smartphone with iOS or Android OS and have a data plan
  • Must be 18 years and over
  • A Malaysian citizen
  • Have your own motorcycle with valid driver’s license. If you are not a motorcycle 

  owner, make sure the insurance’s cover note is an All Rider cover

  • If you have created Grab Car account, be sure to use different emails and phone  


  • Motorcycle road tax must still be valid


The Privilege of Being a Grab Food Rider

  1. As a Grab Food rider, you can earn more money for every perfect delivery
  2. You can specify the number of hours worked per day. In fact, you can also work for 

    just one hour a day and it all depends on your ability


  1. Daily payment and daily bonus are also provided


Daily Bonus Incentives

Each food delivery will be given a daily bonus incentive that will be included in the Grab Driver’s wallet on the following Monday. You can make a withdrawal transaction once the daily bonus has been deposited into your Grab Driver wallet and will be processed within 1 to 5 days depending on your bank type.


As a Grab Food rider, you can specify how many hours a day you work and when you want to work. It depends on the timing of your job without interrupting your current job if you’re a full timer employee elsewhere. You can even choose delivery locations anywhere in Malaysia as long as it covers the Grab Food service area. By simply signing in to the Grab Food app, you can easily start earning extra money as you will receive a daily payment.