How to reload Grab Prepaid

Grab Prepaid is used to pay commission for Grab when driving for any Grab services.  There are some guide on how to purchase Grab Prepaid. Usually these prepaid be bought at these priority 1) Petronas 2) KK Mart 3) 7 Eleven and online via E-Pay website or app. The easiest way is to buy via E-Pay app where everything can be done online. The choices for reload are usually RM 10, RM 20 dan RM 50. It would be advisable for you to top up RM 50 if you are keen to drive the whole day.

Complete Grab driver Tutorial

You can also watch this complete Grab Driver tutorial


For a start, you will need to register an account for Epay app or website.  Registration is extremely easy and straightforward. After registering, you will need to choose other reload where the Grab is located.

Select BUY/PAY and select others where GRAB is located

Select the amount to buy for Grab reload and click buy

Next you will be prompoted the payment type. Select credit card or FPX payment for online banking transactions

Payment are done similar to buying anything online. After processing , E-Pay will prompt you the pin for your Grab prepaid

You can copy this pin into your Credit Balance menu in the Grab driver app


How to navigate to your driver Credit Balance

Click menu from the top left corner of your driver app. These are where all the settings are located. Select GrabPay wallet

Select your Credit balance. These are where all your Grab prepaid credits are located.

Select top up with PIN.

This is were you enter the PIN that you received from E-Pay or Petronas outlet


Upon entering you credit will be update into your credit balance.

Petronas , 7-Eleven and KK Mart

You could also buy these Grab prepaid from Petronas where you will receive a pin. Use the exact method to reload your credit balance.


Cash Wallet

Grab driver will have the option to top up from their Cash Wallet as well.  This option will be convenient as you can use payment from Credit Card (Grab Pay) or Promo and Incentives for prepaid Top Up.  Tap Credit Wallet , Select Top Up with Account, Select Cash Wallet. Select the destination to your Credit Wallet with the amount to top up.


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