How to request for Pokemon GYM or PokeStop


PokemonGO launched has created a phenomenon around the world and a lot of businesses are exploiting and jumping the bandwagon to benefit from traffic created by PokemonGO. Many businesses are launching promotion with relation to PokemonGo trend.

How are Pokestop and Gym location determined?

A few months back before launch of PokemonGo, Niantic accepts suggestions request for Pokestop or Gym location. These Stops or GYMs are also usually located at public places. Typical favorite places where Pokestop or Gym can be found are places of worship, public parks, malls, communal areas such as libary, museum and shops.

If you own a business, you can benefit from traffic created by Pokestop or Gym. Some businesses went to the extend of installing non-stop lure modules to attract Pokemon Trainers to their venue. Sunway Pyramid is announcing that they will have a lure schedule in their mall


Unfortunately , the distribution of GYMs and Pokestops are skewed towards urban areas and cities. Rural areas do not have as much GYMs and Pokestops. Trainers from these places will often have to travel a long distance between a Stop and a GYM.

A few weeks back, the creator of PokemonGo opened up request for PokeStop and Pokemon GYM request however it has been closed down due to heavy request. At the time being , there are no ways for you to request a PokeStop of Pokemon GYM at a specific location. But we expect it to open up when things have cool down a little.

How to request removal of Pokemon GYM or Pokestop ?

Not everyone like the idea of being too close to a Gym or Pokestop especially when it is nearby a residential area. If you feel that there is a PokeStop or Gym nearby your place that is creating a nuisance, you can always request the specific gym or stop to be removed. This request can be submitted to Niantic official website at