Robot Vacuum Cleaners

irobot roomba 880

Robot vacuum cleaners are considered a “thing of the future” but thanks to the rapid evolution of technology the future is already here. Robot vacuum cleaners which are design to make the life of the people who are  extremely busy with work and family obligations easier. Some robots come with variety of features and some of the best robot cleaners can be left away and even programed to start cleaning at a specific time while you are away

Cleaning Capabilities

The best robot vacuums usually offers smart vacuuming patterns such as back and forth, a spiral effect, a swirling S-shaped pattern or random cleaning patterns to ensure that all floors are cleaned. Some begin by working the perimeter of a room sensing areas that need extra cleaning while others use laser system to map out a room and remember where they have gone to ensure that they do not miss a spot.

Additional Features

A number of additional features can make your vacuum robot even handier such as automatic docking and recharging features which make the machines return to their home base when their batteries run low to get more energy. Other features such as wall sensors and cliff sensors help prevent the vacuum cleaners to go places they should not.

One important thing in looking for a good robot vacuum cleaner is that it provides good air filtration. Some of the best robot vacuum cleaners have two level of air filtration and it is especially good to have one equipped with a HEPA (high-efficiency particulate air) filter which are great for removing allergens and had meet the U.S. Department of Energy efficiency standards. Moreover, HEPA filter can house impurities and keep them inside the machine until disposal time.


Robot vacuum cleaners are designed to be small and compact so they can get into tight spaces. Most robot vacuums stand only 4 inches tall or shorter and feature soft rubber bumpers that will protect floorboards and furniture from any counterproductive scuff marks make by the vacuum cleaners.

Warranty & Support

All of the robot vacuum cleaners come with a one-year warranty and you might want to purchase an extended warranty if you buy an expansive machine as it is not durable as standard vacuum cleaner.

The Robot Vacuum Cleaner

Here are some robot vacuums currently available in the market.


Neato XV Signature Pro

Signature Pro feature a control centre which enable you to schedule vacuum cleaning for that day just by pushing a button and it software can be upgraded when brand new features are available. The product has two high performance filters on the device to ensure a better clean without releasing dust or allergens into the air. It also comes with a full manual and a bag less dirt bin which help to empty the device once it’s full. Plus, a combo and blade brush duo which picks up tough-to-remove objects from floor surfaces.


iRobot Roomba 880

The iRobot Roomba 880 features the AeroForce Performance Cleaning System which function as a high efficiency vacuum and airflow accelerations that guarantees a thorough and speedy cleaning of your carpets and floors. The robot weighs little over eight pounds, stands at 3.6 inches height and features an advanced navigation system that allows it to avoid furniture and other objects while still cleaning the floors.

The robot can be easily schedule and preset to clean your home whenever you want it to. Moreover, the robot is specifically designed to return to the Home Base upon finishing the cleaning session in order to recharge itself. Other notable features include the removable dust bin that features , the removable caster wheels for added functionality,  fast access release button, spinning side brush  that aims to remove even the most stubborn stains and dust particles along with the debris extractors and the extra HEPA filter that comes with the packages.


Infinuvo CleanMate QQ-2 Basic

QQ-2 Basic can sanitize the floor using UV light which is great at getting rid of bacteria and other kind of germs. The robot also able to picks even small pieces of dirt. Overall, the QQ-2 Basic can clean, sweep and disinfect several floor types but will not clean your high-profile carpets and might also get stuck a lot.


Moneual RYDIS H68 Pro

The Moneual RYDIS H68 Pro comes with dry and wet mopping options as well as vacuuming features. The robot can even be preset to do both at the same time and can carry up to 6 ounces of water which it uses to dampen the mop pads as it works. Moreover, the H68 can scans the rooms it’s about to clean and then executes one of its pre-programmed cleaning routines from a basic sweep to “Double Deep Clean”.


Ecovacs Deebot D77

The Deebot D77 comes with a detachable non-robot vacuum and several attachments that people can use to clean walls, sofas and other non-floor surfaces. The Deebot D77’s wheels are optimized for most floor surfaces up to 1 inches deep


Neato Botvac 85

The Botvac 85 features a larger brush and blade for getting hair and other small particles off hard floors and carpets, and includes not two but three filters. The robot also features a laser-guided navigation system.


Infinuvo Hovo 510

The Infinuvo Hovo 510 comes with remote-control capability, several cleaning modes and a dependable vacuum and sweeping system. It works best on hardwood, tile and low-pile carpeting.


iRobot Roomba 620

The 620 features the AeroVac cleaning design which will pick up most pet hair and dander, and keep dust and other allergens from re-circulating in the air.



The Hom-Bot is not so loud compare to the other robot vacuum cleaner. It also provides quiet operation when vacuuming, several customizable cleaning modes, and a stylish candy-apple look but it may lack amazing cleaning power.


Samsung Tango

The Tango can accepts voice commands and provide some externally mounted brushes to help dislodge dirt from corners and move them into the suction radius of the machine. It also has remarkable on-board sensors and a camera that it uses to plot the best way to clean spaces , ensuring that it maximizes battery life and it’s time

Conclusion; Go Get One

In general, robot vacuum cleaners are great substitute compared to the type of cleaning you get from traditional vacuum cleaners. These little helpers are great for maintenance cleaning and ensure that your house is clean even on the most hectic days.