Samsung Edge Plus price in malaysia


The Galaxy S6 Edge+ is an ambitious smartphone created by Samsung to win the category for this year award and is consider as a worthy contender. It is mainly targeted at those whose a fan of Samsung’s devices and those whose want to get close with the latest smartphone technology. Currently, the device is being sold at several big network markets such as AT&T, O2, T-Mobile and can also be pre-order through Samsung’s online network.



The Galaxy S6 Edge+ is mainly a bigger device than the Galaxy S6 Edge that provides 5.7 inches Super AMOLED screen display with QHD resolution and some upgrade. However, as it have bigger screen, it also mean that the device is quite bigger on the hand. The device which can be found in 32GB and 64GB variant offers 4GB of RAM, 16MP main shooter and 5MP front-facing camera as well as an octa (eight) core processor but it loses some features including microSD card slot and removable battery.


The device which is sold in gold, silver, black, and white does not offer stylus like the other Samsung’s device, the Galaxy Note 5. Nonetheless, this curved-screen phone has great hardware for all kind of media such as watching videos, photos shooting and editing, as well as reading varieties of articles and e-books. In addition, the phone’s screen brings pleasant to the eyes due to the clear and crisp screen provided by the phone.


Just like the Galaxy S6 Edge, this device is protected with metal chassis and dual Corning Gorilla Glass 4. The device also allows its users to charge their phone through the technology of wireless charging and fast charging in approximately 2 hours, thus hide the lose features of removable battery. Furthermore, a combination of the chipset and the 3,000mAh capacity battery may start the advancement of technology in the smartphone market and lead it to the next level.

Running on the latest Android, the device offers varieties of apps that bring attention to others such as the “People Edge” which is now capable to let others designate their VIPs, the “Apps Edge” that helps others to gain quick access to several apps shortcuts and its interesting camera that enable others to see any YouTube’s streaming video in a duration of 60fps and video quality up to 1080p.

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Release date and Price

Samsung Galaxy Edge Plus will be released in Malaysia on 4th September at a retail price of RM 3,099


To put it briefly, the Galaxy S6 Edge+ is a device with numerous enhancements providing a better battery, larger screen and streamlined software than its predecessor, the Galaxy S6 Edge. Whether this device is worth to buy, might be a question of relative and preferences that depend on the suitableness of its users.