Samsung Galaxy A8

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The smartphone you are going to read about in this article is one that will most certainly get you excited. The Samsung Galaxy A8 is what we are talking about and to all of you who think that slim smartphones are nothing more than a dream come true, then this would be your dream coming true as this is the thinnest phone that Samsung has ever made to this very day.

While this phone looks like one which is designed to look a high-end smartphone and even possess many features of that of a high-end smartphone, the Samsung Galaxy A8 is actually designed to compete with the other devices which fall under the mid-range category. What most people are not aware of is that a huge number of consumers and even faithful Samsung users tend to go for gadgets which are less costly that have features that are similar to the more expensive ones out there. To make things a whole lot easier for Samsung, they are now fully aware that by designing phones with metal rims, they get everyone falling in love with the phones even more. From the looks of how things are, the metal rim is going to be a design which is only going to get more people wanting to own a Samsung.

Before we take a deep dive into every small detail about the Samsung Galaxy A8 and how each feature is designed to make this smartphone a spectacular one, let us first take a quick at the overall built of this Samsung Galaxy A8. To start things off, this beauty right here only has a thickness of 5.9mm. This is not the slimmest phone in the world but then again, Samsung certainly has taken it to an all new level by challenging themselves and creating something which defines style and elegance.

While this smartphone might have the looks everyone is after, the phone is built with mid-range specifications to capture a different market altogether. The Samsung Galaxy A8 has a nice 5.7-inch, 1080p display with 2GB of RAM. The camera on the A8 is a charm as it is a 16-megapixel rear camera. The A8 runs on a Snapdragon 615 processor which happens to be first octa-core 64-bit capable CPU out there. With all the given features above, one cannot complain too much as Samsung has done its best to make this phone to be as good as it can be despite having an extremely slim body. Now that we know what this phone is generally made off, let us break it down to see how each feature compliments the phone as a whole.


Operating System

The Samsung Galaxy A8 runs on an Android operating system, which happens to be the Android 5.1 Lollipop. This is the latest version of the Android Lollipop with plenty of changes and updates made to ensure a smooth performance and good stability when using your phone.



A huge plus point to the Galaxy A8 is that it has a 5.7 inch touchscreen making it easier to watch videos or even take pictures and view them too. Since it has a screen size of more than 5.3 inches, it meets the requirement to qualify as a phablet. While critics might argue saying that this smartphone is a little more difficult to hold with one hand because of its size, you should actually be thankful as the screen has a resolution of 1,920 pixels by 1,080 pixels, thus making it a 1080p HD screen. All screens are measured by the density of pixels per square inch of screen and to keep things short, this device right here has a 66% sharper than average screen.


Battery Life

We don’t need to talk much about the battery life about this phone as it comes with a 3050 mAh battery, making it one of the few smartphones out there in the world with a massive battery for a phone to give it enough power for you to use it fully without having to worry about your battery dying out on you.


Design and Dimensions

The Samsung Galaxy A8 is not a small phone as you would have already guessed. Its body is about 158 mm high, 76.8 mm wide and it has a depth of 5.9 mm. To add on, it is also 34% thinner than an average smartphone that has a similar screen size. Perhaps one of the thinnest Samsung phone to date. You could put a case over this phone and it would still be thinner than that of an average phone. This phone weighs 151 grams despite the fact of having a massive battery.



The A8 houses possess an octa-core Qualcomm Snapdragon 615 system and its CPU runs at 1.5 GHz which puts this phone ahead of many of the other smartphones out there in the market. You will also get a better overall performance on the A8 as is comes with 2048 MB of RAM which is more than what an average phone comes with.



You will not have any regrets if you are looking to capture high quality images as the Galaxy A8 has a 16 megapixel rear and a 5 megapixel front camera which is enough for the average person to take all the selfies they want. You will also be able to record HD videos of great quality with the rear camera on the A8.


You will be able to store enough images and music into the A8 as you will be getting a 16 GB storage space. Don’t fret if you think it is a little too small for you as you can expand it to a 128 GB by using a microSD card.

Release Date

The Galaxy A8 has already made it’s debut in China with only 3,199 RMB which is around $520 dollars. This phone may cost around RM 1,888. It will be launched on 30th of July in Malaysia.

The Conclusion

Enough has been said about this smartphone and while it may not be one of the fastest smartphones in the world or have a camera which is better off than one of the best DSLR cameras out there, this phone is enough to do everything you would expect it to. Keep your eyes out on the Samsung Galaxy A8 because you would not want to miss out on a phone which has beauty, style and which is able to perform better than most of the other smartphones out there in the market.