Samsung Galaxy Alpha Review


Samsung has finally launched the much rumoured respond phone to the new Apple Iphone 6 the Samsung Galaxy Alpha. Let’s see if this phone is mighty enough to take on the Iphone 6.

First Impression

The Samsung Galaxy Alpha has a 4.7 inches screen which is similar to the Iphone 6. It has a 1280 x 780 pixels which is around 312 PPI that is somewhat lower than the Iphone 6. The Super AMOLED screen display is sharp, vibrant and stunning however it is perhaps is just a little bit lacking as compared to Apple’s new Retina HD.img_metal01


Samsung has moved away from plastic casing for this phone and Galaxy Alpha has received a solid metal frame upgrade. Galaxy Alpha do not look like a Samsung phone while it feels sturdy like an Apple product, specifically the Iphone 4 family. This phone is sleek yet thin at only 6.7mm which is even 0.2mm thinner than Iphone 6 at 6.9mm yet it is a little lighter. This phone is now officially the slimmest Galaxy phone in the market.

Although it has a metal front frame and curvy metal edge, the back cover is still plastic however there are no visible gap in between which make the phone feels like 1 piece. This phone do not feels plastic like the Galaxy S5. Galaxy Alpha has brought another whole new level of design to Samsung phone.

One another side, this phone feels sturdy and the grips fits perfectly on a single hand. The phone comes in choices of metallic Scuba Blue, Frosted Gold, Sleek Silver and Dazzling white.




Galaxy Alpha comes with one Quadcore 1.8 Ghz Cortex A15 and another Quadcore 1.3 Ghz Cortex A7 processor and 2GB RAM. The dual processors are combined and being marketed as Octa-core Samsung Exynos processor is definitely mightier then Apple’s A8 dual core processor. However, we suspect the speed of this phone will lag after 1 year of use as of all Samsung phones. It is great if you do not mind factory resetting the phone once every 12 months or so. Galaxy Alpha comes with a mediocre Li-On 1860 mAh battery which may need charging daily especially if you are LTE and heavy Bluetooth usage.

This phone comes with 32GB disk however there are no extended microSD storage available for Samsung Galaxy Alpha which is another minus point.2014090205


Samsung Galaxy Alpha comes with 12mp camera which has larger pixels as compare to Iphone6 8 MP camera. Sometimes we all know that megapixels do not takes into account when taking photos. At the core, Samsung Galaxy Alpha is still using CMOS sensor with LED flashes.

The camera is also capable of Panoramic, HDR and slow motion 120fps video at 720p. The HDR function works great when you are taking high contrast photo. Galaxy Alpha has a 2.1mp front facing camera which is sufficient for selfie and video calls.

Finger Print Scanner and S-Health heart rate monitor

Galaxy Alpha comes with new cool Finger Print scanner and S-Health features. The fingerprint scanner is perhaps exactly the same with Galaxy S5 not only allows you to unlock phone using finger print, you can also login to website using the scanner provided it is supported by the website. The S-Health also receives an upgraded heart rate sensor for health and workout freaks.

Galaxy Alpha vs Iphone 6

Galaxy Alpha

Iphone 6

Octa core processor Dual core processr
Limited 32GB storage with no micro SD slot Choices of 16GB,64GB,128GB
4.7 inches screen ,1280×720 312 PPI SuperAMOLED 4.7 inches screen ,1334×750 326 PPI IPS
12MP Camera, 2.1MP front camera 8MP Camera , 1.2MP front camera
Front Metal Phone Full Metal Phone
Weights 115 g Weights 129 g
 6.7 mm thin 6.9 mm thin


  • Best Samsung built phone
  • Premium Design
  • Super processing capabilities


  • No micro SD card slot
  • Average Battery Life
  • Lacking display when compared with Iphone 6


RM 1899 (Retail)