Samsung Galaxy J7


You might have heard the rumors that have been flying around for some time now and you guessed it, Samsung’s all new Galaxy J7 will soon take the world by storm crushing its other smaller competitors. Many of you would have heard or read about the older J series phones which have been manufactured previously such as the J1 and you also might think that the J7, which is the newer addition to the family is just another ordinary phone, think again. The reason Samsung produced something this good was to cater to the world and its trend of taking unlimited selfies. The J7 is a device which features a front-facing LED to give its faithful customers an LED flash at the front when taking selfies and as you would have figured, you would now have more well-lit and nicer looking selfies even if you were in a dim environment.

Just before we head to the breakdown and let you know what this phone really is all about, let me just remind you that this phone is known to be one of the most affordable priced LTE phones in the market. Did you really think that Samsung would just stand and watch its competitors penetrate the market without a fight? At last, Samsung really did accomplish their aim to target the price sensitive buyers in the market but wait, what are the other special features in this phone?


64-bit quad-core Snapdragon 410 processor

The J7 that comes equipped with a 64-Bit Quad Core Snapdragon 410 Processor is one that supports 4G LTE and 3G cellular connectivity for all major modes and frequency bands across the globe, including support for Dual SIM modes.


Android 5.1 Lollipop

No, your eyes are not playing tricks on you. The J7 comes with an android 5.1 Lollipop and there are just so many fascinating things about the 5.1 Lollipop. Some of the few benefits which you will enjoy will be the Buyers Protection. With Device Protection, your device will remain locked at all costs regardless if anyone tried doing a factory reset. You will also be getting a smarter Wi-Fi which will not connect to poor connections or connections without internet after the first time it tries and recognizes that the connections are bad. This will come it really handy when you are out at a restaurant or hotel and when you need only good connectable hotspots for your device.

You will also find another new icon on the status bar. Unlike the older version which displays a no service signal which might confuse you, this one actually displays an icon showing you if you have or have not inserted a second SIM card.


13MP Rear Camera and a 5MP Wide-Angle Front-Facing Camera

Honestly, what more do you need? What more would you even want from a phone? The J7 gives you an unforgettable experience where you just won’t stop from clicking pictures. With the J7, you can now not only enjoy maximum clarity of the camera in the pictures taken but you can also take some really cool selfies with your family and friends.

3000mAH Battery Life

The powerful 3000mAH gives you enough power to last you all day long depending on how you use it. In today’s world, a powerful battery is a must in order to support the usage amount of youths and the working adults at the same time.



Amazing features also call for amazing colours and that is exactly what the J7 is all about. It does not come in one colour but two different classic colours to choose from which are Black and White. There is a colour for everyone based on their personality and taste to fear not if you ever need the J7 to suite your liking.

8GB Memory

The J7 comes with 8GB of onboard storage. This allows you to install all the important apps that you need and you will even have enough storage to download other stuff such as songs and images to fill up the remaining space in your phone. You also have that option of upgrading the storage up to a whopping 64GB storage as there is a microSD card slot provided.

Price in Malaysia

At the time of writing, there are no details on the prices of J7 in Malaysia yet.  Globally the device is priced at USD 300 which is a little more than RM 1,000. This phone is probably one of the better specs lower end phone.

Is The J7 Really All That Good?

While many of you might compare the J7 to its other siblings in the market already, keep in mind at all times that this phone was designed by the Korean manufacturer to come with all the mid-range specs as it is mainly targeted towards the middle class market. Although Samsung did not make this one for the high end buyers, this phone is still one of a kind and it is still able to attract many. In short, the J7 meets all the necessary standards and will still be able to satisfy many around. Take note that the hardware which this device has been manufactured with does have the potential to be one of the best sellers out there today.