Samsung Galaxy Note 8 Price in Malaysia

Samsung Galaxy Note has been known to be big phone but the latest addition to its family, the Samsung Galaxy Note 8 is bringing big to a new dimension. Also, the Note 8 is supposed to be Samsung’s low profile return to the phablet market after the Note 7 discontinuation.

The Note 8 starts with a gorgeous design with an incredible 6.3-inch Infinity Display that stretches to the very edges of the phone’s frame, in which it leaves just a small bezel above and below the screen. The HDR-capable display is what everyone has been expecting from it. Furthermore, it is vibrant and very bright allowing its visibility at outdoors under direct sunlight. Besides, the Note 8 has a slightly sharper edges and a squarer camera module. The whole lot is coated in Corning Gorilla Glass 5.0. It looks great out of the box but after some time of using it, you may start to notice greasy marks building up on the back. This is not unique to only this phone and it actually looks way cleaner than many smartphones do after some time of exposure to palms or fingerprints.

There is a front-facing camera and iris scanner inside the top bezel along with the earpiece and an LED notification light on the Note 8. On the bottom, there is nothing visible even though the lower portion of the screen is actually a pressure-sensitive home button. This button can be used to wake the phone. On the left, there is the volume rocker and personal assistant button while on the right, there is the power button. The USB connector is located at the lower edge with the SIM card or microSD card slot on the top.

The Note 8 camera comes with two sensors behind two lenses, an optical heart-rate monitor, LED flash and a fingerprint scanner. Its two 12-megapixel camera setup is a first for Samsung. One of the cameras has a standard wide-angle lens while the other provides a short telephoto option. The latter enables you to get a little bit closer to your subject. Both cameras have optical image stabilization. The dual camera system with the ability to zoom in, also allows you to take images with an artificially blurred background to mimic what is possible with a DLSR and a bright lens. The mode called Live Focus can produce cool images in good lighting. However, the image quality is bad when taken indoor or under poor lighting.  

The biggest signature feature for Note 8 is the S Pen stylus that truly sets it apart from any other big phone. The S Pen can be used to take notes, mark up screenshots, select text or just navigate the phone’s software with a finer point as compared to that of your finger. Also, you can take notes and pin them for easy access later on, in lock screen without the need to unlock the phone. The S Pen for Note 8 has the ability to take longer notes on the lock screen as compared to the previous version. The S Pen is finer, has more levels of pressure sensitivity and has the same level of IP68 water resistance as the rest of the phone. Samsung has also added new coloring book features in its S Pen software.

In summary, Note 8 has a lovely display with fast performance and reliable battery life. It also has an excellent standard camera. On the other hand, Note 8 is expensive with its secondary camera is far inferior to the main camera. The fingerprint scanner placement is also not convenient.