Samsung Galaxy S6 Active


Samsung recently release their new Galaxy Active model with a longer duration of battery life but fall sort on specification and features. However, the Galaxy S6 Active with the help from AT&T would guarantee its users with a rugged phone that could be used harshly during any outdoor activity. The phone is also suitable for users whom are plain clumsy as it helps them to prevent the shattered display of their phone.

If you are an outdoor or sports freak with active lifestyle! This phone is for you

Samsung Galaxy S6 is a fully rugged water resistant smartphone. This phone is perfect for sports or light water activity. The phone is 1.5 meter water resistant with 30 maximum time fully underwater. It is also MIL-STD-810G certified which makes the phone resistant to salt, humidity, rain, dust, shock prove, drop prove and thermal resistant





Hardware and Specifications

At first glance, Samsung still kept the old-fashioned plastic build from its predecessor on the phone with some adequate sized of bumpers on the corners and a screen surrounding with raised ridge. This phone comes in varieties of colours including plain grey, camouflage blue and camouflage white. Although it may not look that good compared with Galaxy S6, it attains the firm grip when holding on someone hand which considered important by many, more than its look.

The phone comes with Exynos 7420 octa-core 64-bit processor, 32GB of internal storage (of which only 25GB can be used) and 3GB of RAM while its display provides its users with 5.1 inches Quad HD Super AMOLED 2560 by 1440 resolution panel. The AMOLED offers stunning display of 1080 pixels and this is good for watching video, reading, or communicating. There are another extra shortcut key on its left side that could be settings into anything the users desire it to be, whether camera apps or any others apps. Also, the phone does not come with an additional Micro-SD card slots.xcover-3-

Battery Life

As for the battery life, the irremovable 3500mAh is compatible with wireless charging technology and this meant user does not need to plug any cord into the phone. Samsung has greatly improve the battery life of Galaxy S6 Active as compared to the previous Galaxy S6. The large battery would also last for a whole day use after a full charge but it is usually depends on the task that its users doing.


In term of software, the phone had made its Setting application a little bit noticeable with a bit more of material designs. The Galaxy S6 Active still allows anyone to add up 9 quick settings in their phone. The Activity Zone taken from its predecessor, Galaxy S5 Active, is still featured in this phone and it would bring the users on S Health, Compass, Flashlight toggle, the Barometer, the weather, Stopwatch and the Milk Music integration.

The partnership between Samsung and AT&T had made several AT&T apps such as AT&T Mail, AT&T Locker, AT&T Mobile Locate, AT&T Live, AT&T Smart Wi-Fi, AT&T Ready2Go, AT&T Navigator, and many others be found alongside the Samsung apps and user interface from the TouchWiz.

Activity Zone

The Galaxy S6 active comes with preinstalled exclusive Activity Zone app that is only available in Samsung Galaxy active devices. The app is perfect for outdoor use with access to functions such as Compass, Barometer, Flashlights and Stopwatch



Any users would enjoy the speed coming from the phone as it enables them to do efficient multitasking. Its network speeds which include 3G and 4G LTE may upset anyone when surfing the internet and downloading apps but the Wi-Fi provided by the phone would be the strong candidate for the major tasks. There are also GPS, Bluetooth 4.1 LE, and NFC could be found within the phone.



The Galaxy S6 Active features 16MP rear back camera and 5MP as a front camera. In return, the rear back camera allows its users to take many astonishing pictures in many different lighting situations. The Camera User Interface provides the same UI from many others Samsung’s phone in the bottom row that includes button to flip cameras, video camera and shutter button. In addition, the camera comes with a wide range of modes such as Virtual Shot, Fast Motion, Sports, Tag Shot and many others in Samsung App Store, where it is ready to be downloading into the Samsung phone.

Release Date

The phone has been released world wide. At the time of writing there are no release date for Malaysia yet. The phone is currently tied with AT&T contract exclusivity but we expect it to be launched pretty soon.


To put it briefly, Samsung Galaxy S6 Active is another big step to kept Samsung in front of its competitors, aiming mostly at an active person with a very efficient protection including protection against drops (about 4-feets max) and water (with an IP68 rating for 30 minutes under 1.5m of water). It is also powerful, fast, won’t self-destruct that easily and able to take great photos without using a case as a cover. Moreover, the military certification gained by the phone able to endure from many environmental conditions such as humidity, dust, extreme temperature and others.

Pros and Cons


  • Great performance
  • Great display and camera
  • Great battery life
  • Able to withstand many environmental conditions and drops


  • Plastic built-in with thick edging
  • Less appealing than Galaxy S6
  • Does not offers Micro-SD card slots