Samsung Galaxy S8 Price in Malaysia

Given the fierce competition in the flagship mobile phone market in 2017, Samsung Galaxy S8 is one of the mobile phones that must do well. The good news is that it is indeed a very good mobile phone. The headline feature of Samsung Galaxy S8 is the Infinity Display feature. While it is not all screen, it is very close to it. Samsung has done away with the front-facing home screen button but still kept the mobile phone usable without relying on any mechanical key on the front of the Samsung Galaxy S8.

Samsung Galaxy S8 Design

Be prepared to be impressed with the Samsung Galaxy S8 Design the moment you picked it up. While the sides of the mobile phone are not completely bezel-less, the Infinity Display is a sight to behold at and it seems to spill over to the back of the mobile phone. Every edge and corner have been rounded on the Samsung Galaxy 8, making it a joy to hold and feel in your hand. It is quite similar to Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge’s design but Samsung has gone with slightly more courage for this mobile phone’s design.

With that being said, it is by no means a small size mobile phone. It has a 5.8-inches screen that is fitted nicely into the frame of the mobile phone. The downside of it is that you might struggle to reach all corners of the display screen with a single thumb. The other downside is the fingerprint scanner located on the back of the phone and near to the camera is rather difficult to use from a natural holding position. Although it is something that you can get used to after using the mobile phone for a certain period of time, I am not sure why Samsung has fixed the fingerprint scanner so close to the rear camera. Instead, it should be closer to the middle of the mobile phone.

Samsung Galaxy S8 Screen

Samsung mobile phones have always been famed for their stunning displays and this mobile phone offers the same. The 5.8-inches Super AMOLED display is clear, bright, colourful, and it can display up to QHD resolution. Due to its Infinity Display feature, it has an aspect ratio of 18:5:9 and it allows more content to be displayed on the front of the mobile phone. The other brand that does this is LG when they used the two square interface for the LG G6 model. In this case, Samsung just makes everything look slightly larger.


Samsung Galaxy S8 Intelligent Assistant

The Samsung Galaxy S8 is the first Samsung phone that comes with Bixby, Samsung’s own intelligent assistant that similar to Apple’s Siri. There is even a dedicated key for Bixby on the side of the mobile phone to give you instant access to the portal at all times.

Bixby feature will start in South Korea and the United States first. Later on, it will be rolled out to the United Kingdom after Samsung integrates the accents with the Bixby service. Essentially, Bixby acts as a frictionless assistant that can follow you using voice, camera, touch, and by learning what you would like it to do. This does not require you to know a specific set of phrases to make Bixby work.


Samsung Galaxy S8 Specifications

Certain sources have specified that the Samsung Galaxy S8 will either be powered by the Qualcomm Snapdragon 835 chipset or Samsung’s own Exynos 8895. With any of those two chipsets, you can expect the Samsung Galaxy S8 to have a CPU that is 10% more powerful than the previous flagship model. These new chipsets also allow 21% more powerful GPU to manipulate the little blocks on the screen better.


Samsung Galaxy S8 Interface

Once again, Samsung has refined its user interface by using its own Samsung Experience or formerly known as TouchWiz skin on top Android version 7.0 Nougat. While this user interface has been criticized by some people, it seems that the new refinement compliments the Android and Samsung’s design well.

One of the most obvious changes in Samsung Galaxy S8 is the application tray. Due to the Infinity Display design, there is no home screen button to touch on. Instead, all you have to do is to swipe your finger up or down on the main display and you will be directed to the list of applications. It is a new and nice way of doing things and it feels very natural after you are used to it.

The user interface on the Samsung Galaxy S8 is also very fast and the only time that you can see some slowdown is when you exit the video application but it is acceptable for many mobile phones to experience this slowdown.

While the design changes to the user interface are not massive, everything has been designed to look like ancient runes or hieroglyphics compared to before. The app icons are also sharper and well-rounded with symbols to signify how to interact with the phone at the bottom of the display. Overall, the general look and feel of the menus are more fluid than before and offers a more natural feel.

Samsung Galaxy S8 Camera

For cameras, the Samsung Galaxy S8 is equipped with a 12-megapixel sensor camera on the rear with aperture F/1.7 and fast autofocus. This was one of the best cameras on a mobile phone in 2016 and Samsung clearly does not want to tinker with this successful formula.

However, Samsung has made a big upgrade on the board by adding the multi-frame image feature, a feature where three snaps are shot and the system will select the best picture. At this point of time, it is not clear if this is just an interpolation of three pictures that works just the same way as HDR for brightness and colour or Samsung Galaxy S8 will just pick the sharpest picture from the 3 pictures. The auto mode is fast and it constantly takes brilliantly sharp photos while the pro mode is slick and comes with plenty of features for a professional photographer. To maintain your interest in the rear camera, Samsung has also added a host of other modes such as background defocus similar to the Apple iPhone 7 Plus feature.

The front camera is equally as impressive because Samsung has upgraded it with a 8-megapixel camera sensor. Photos taken by this front camera are clear, sharp, and it performs well under low lighting conditions. Samsung is confident that this camera will make the Samsung Galaxy S8 a great mobile phone for taking selfie photos.


Samsung Galaxy S8 Battery

There is only a non-replaceable 3000 mAh in the Samsung Galaxy S8. This may not be a problem because of the latest CPU and GPU combination that is more powerful than ever before hence there will be some advantages in saving the battery life. Additionally, the Samsung Galaxy S8 is also capable of wireless and fast charging by default.


Samsung Galaxy S8 Conclusion

If Samsung can price the Samsung Galaxy S8 right, it can be a winner in the mobile phone flagship market. Samsung Galaxy S8 combines a great mix of power and design with the unique Infinity Display screen, a display that is the most attractive out of all of the other mobile phones on the market right now.


Samsung Galaxy S8 Release Date and Price

With all these new and unique features, you can expect the Samsung Galaxy S8 to be the most expensive mobile phone ever sold by Samsung. The Samsung Galaxy prices are expected to start from USD 724, 689 British Sterling Pounds or 1199 Australian Dollars. This is approximately RM3204 in Malaysia. The actual release date for Samsung Galaxy S8 is on 21st of April this year in the United States and 28th of April in the United Kingdom. Pre-orders from Samsung are also now available.