Samsung Galaxy Tab S2 price in malaysia


Samsung Galaxy Tab 2 (7.0) is an interesting tablet designated for individual whose likes high performances and new specifications, mostly those whose are into the devices created by Samsung.  As always, Samsung never failed to impress their fans with numerous great features categorizing under communication, multimedia and Internet functionality in lots of their devices.

The Galaxy Tab 2 is indeed features video group chat, voice call and applications as well as others Samsung’s multimedia-oriented hubs. It is powered by the newest Android Operating System (OS) and is connected to limitless networks for better and smooth performance that is capable for most activities.



Thousands of Great Contents

The Video Hub applications in the tablets which its services may vary throughout the region present over than 1,000 titles and it is still counting. It also may not take a long time for consumers of the tablet to enjoy the video contents during progressive download. Apart from that, the tablet features Readers Hub for anyone to be involves in digital reading as it is convenient, does not take lots of spaces, and offers thousands of books.

For gamer whose into premium or multi player games, the Game Hub would not disappoint them and could get them into the action seamlessly while people whose enjoying listening to music could listen to a broad range of music stores that is loaded with their favorite tunes through the Music  Hub.


An Accessible That is Made Easy

Accessible to current premium games, latest hit songs, recent video releases and top e-books is make easier by using the Samsung Hub services in the Home screen, all the time.


Newest Applications Recommendations

S Suggest services which is vary by country would help those using the tablet Galaxy 2 with the recommendations of top rated apps that is linked to Samsung Apps and Android Market, where it is based on their likes and uses which they should not be missing out.

Various Digital Contents from Several Networked Devices

AllShare Play service compiles various digital contents from several networked devices into one app, where it allows users to download all the media to store and watch them later on the Samsung TV. The app also provided web storage services to help users upload or backup their data for sharing or safekeeping securely.

Latest Android OS

Latest Android OS namely Ice Cream Sandwich would let users to enjoy varieties of apps in the shortest time through the new enhanced performance by the ICS technology comprising faster response, faster screen transition, better web browsing and it also provides utmost usability.


People using the Galaxy Tab 2 would found a smooth quality sound through the embedded receiver alongside wireless BT earpiece. It is indeed a great backup data for anyone to inserting their own phone number or others contacts. On the other hands, the tablet provides ChatON that features Buddy Interaction, Multimedia Transmission and Group Chat, among many others, for users to connect with friends and acquaintances through many platforms and devices.

A Little Bit of Specifications

The Galaxy Tab 2 use powerful dual core 1.0GHz processor that helps the tablet to achieve maximum usage and top performance through many heavy duties made by the users. In addition, the phone which is slim and light at around 10.5mm and 345g could be found in varieties of colours.


The retail price for Galaxy Tab S2 8 inches is at RM 1,699 while 9.7 inches is priced at RM 1,999