Samsung Gear VR


After years of waiting, people in the world today can in fact own a virtual reality headset without having to spend thousands of dollars of their hard earned money. The South Korean electronics giant, Samsung, is officially the first to market their one of a kind, amazing virtual reality headset, which is a product based on the collaboration with the Oculus VR.

Imagining something like this is pretty crazy as many would have never thought that they would see the day the world would have a wireless device which would enable them to escape reality. The Samsung Gear VR gives us just a little glimpse of what the future might hold for each of us and believe me, this will be the closet that one would be able to enter the virtual world without having to go through any complications.


What Is It?

The million-dollar question which everyone is now asking is how and what is the Samsung Gear VR all about. The Gear VR is said to have the similar types of effects as the Oculus and Morpheus headsets. It looks just like a plastic set of ski googles, with a bracket that is only meant to hold the Samsung Galaxy Note 4, S6 or S6 edge smartphone. You can slot your phone in via a Micro-USB plug, snaps and clicks on the device and then it becomes the Samsung Gear VR’s screen. You need not worry about the goggles slipping off your head as the elastic Velcro straps on the side of the goggles will keep it in its right position on your head. The two curved lenses on your goggles will immerse the image you are looking at hence giving you a real 3D experience.


The Gear VR is a little bit bulky and it takes about 30 minutes to set everything up as you will need to download a software onto your mobile phone and you will also need to create an Oculus account. There are a dozen pf apps which you can download for free that will enhance your overall experience with the Gear VR. While it may not look so fashionable to have something like the Gear VR over your head and even though some might mock and laugh at you for wearing it, those same people will end up quieting down once they have tried this amazing gadget on for themselves. This just goes to show how unbelievable the Gear VR really is.


Apps, Apps & More Apps

While there are not a million apps just for the Gear VR just yet, there is still enough assortment for now to keep you occupied as you can download games and demos, such as the Oculus Cinema, Oculus 360 Video and of course the Oculus 360 Photo. With these apps installed, you can actually begin watching your favourite trailers along with all of your other video clips.


Oculus Cinema

This is probably one of the most amazing things as you can watch your videos with having a real cinema sort of experience. The feeling you will get is so real, some have even said that this could be a replacement for movie theaters in the near future.


This is not something you would have ever imagined but theBluVR gives you an experience unlike anything you could imagine by transporting you into a virtual reality underwater world which is fun, interesting and even educational. The 3D graphics on the VR will give you a virtual underwater experience which you will not forget. With theBluVR, you can now choose to chill with the dolphins or have a swim with the whales in the deep blue sea.

Entering A Whole New World

On time to come, Samsung will be launching their all new 360-degree camera which is meant for recording panoramic videos, specifically designed for the Gear VR. Imagine yourself being able to feel like you were on the moon, under the ocean or even in space altogether. Just the thought of this device being able to make you feel like you are in a whole new place which you never imagined yourself to be at would send shivers down your spine.

The Feeling Within

Everyone will be happy to know that using the Gear VR is in fact a nausea-free experience. There is not much lag on the display and even the older ones who have used it have not made any complaints about it. A few have mentioned that you might feel just a little dizzy if it is your first time using the Gear VR over your head. This is said to happen when you are in your gaming mode, running all around, moving and looking in different directions.

What You Can Expect In The Future

As of now, the Gear VR is focused more on videos and ‘experiences’ rather than having their focus purely on games alone. Even with only a few app games that are available, you will be amazed at the performance and the satisfaction you will get is still priceless nonetheless.

Should You Buy It?

There always comes at the end of it all a question that would make everyone ponder for a bit and yes, that big question is, should you buy one? Of course, just like everything else around, it depends on each individual. The one thing that you can make a bet on is that the Samsung Gear VR is not your average toy and if you are looking for something unique which can give you an experience or what virtual reality is all about, then you should consider getting one. If you are not into gaming or such gadgets for that matter, you don’t have to buy one. Just try one on for the fun of it and who knows, you might turn into a believer.


The Samsung Gear for S6 is priced at RM 799 and it is available at Samsung Experience store across Klang Valley, Penang and Johor.