Sd card recovery

sd card corrupt

SD cards are plastics which are flimsy, cheap, easy to bent. Therefore there will be one of those unfortunate accident where your SD card may be corrupted or you have accidentally deleted your files . Here are some tips to help you to recover your data. What to do when you accidentally formatted your SD card, hard disk

1. Do not attempt to write anything into the disk

Do not copy anything or make any changes to the disk that you are trying to recover. Remove the disk from the computer and make sure that no programs are writing to the disk. This is to make sure that the file systems are still intact. Although the files cannot be seen, there is a good chance that these files are still there inside the disk. Studies have shown that files can be covered by hard disk expert despite 7 times formatting.

2.  Clone your SD card or Hard disk

It is always a good idea to clone the corrupted disk to an image. Theoretically, recovery should be done from this image file instead of the original disk. The purpose of this is to backup all data in your card in case the data on your corrupted card gets over written or destroyed. Win 32 Disk Imager is a pretty good free software for this.

win32 disk imager

3. Recovery Software

There are plenty of available free software out there. But one of the top recovery software is EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard.  This software can scan your disk and try to recover any files that can be found here. However there is a 2 GB limitation on the data you can recover with the free version.

easus data recovery

The software is quite simple to use. After installation, select the files that you want to recover.


Next you will need to select the location of the disk that you want EaseUS to scan for recovery. The software will that some time to analyze the disk while it will show you the files it found. These files that can be seen are considered recoverable. You can proceed with recovery. Do take note that you should recover the files to another disk instead of the one you are performing recovery.

I found a lot of CHK files during my recover. What are these ?

CHK files are the files recovered by Windows during chkdisk or scandisk operation when hard disk operation are interrupted normally, always remember to “Safetely remove your hardware” before unplugging the card or disk away. There are some chances that these CHK files are usable if they are not damaged badly. There are some software that is able to recover CHK files. You may try CHK-Mate

 4. Seek a Hard Disk expert

If all else fails, seek an expert if you believe the data are worth the money. There are hard disk recovery services by professionals. The services usually charged by amount of data recovered. Just Google up for the hard disk recovery expert at your area.