Setel Petronas

Setel is Malaysia’s first fuel based e-wallet that is developed by Petronas. Unlike any other ewallet,  this app allows you to buy fuel from Petronas station without need to queue up at the counter or need for usage of cash or credit card. Everything is done on the app ranging from payment of fuel to unlocking of Pump.


How to use the Setel app.

  1. Download the Setel app from Appstore or Playstore
  2. Install Setel app , Feel free to use our code ea5w3
  3.  Sign in
  4.  Top up into your Setel wallet, you can use online transfer or credit card/debit card  for this purpose.


How to pump fuel with Setel

Do make sure that GPS permission is given to the app and Setel will automatically detect Petronas fuel station that supports Setel near you. Do take note that not all Petronas Petrol station supports Setel.

Once Setel detects Petronas station that supports Setel e-Wallet near you, you can select whichever Station that you want to pump. Once you have reach or near the station , Setel will unlock the pump functionality where you can select the amount of fuel to pump. Make sure you have selected the correct pump number.

Make sure you have selected the right number of pump too. The pump will auto unlock once you have confirmed all the details. Once you are finish pumping, Setel will detect it and shows you the receipt for the fuel purchase.


Benefits of Setel

  • No need the queue up to buy fuel
  • No need to use credit card but you still need to load you wallet before pumping
  • Everything right up to purchase can be done inside your car. Perhaps for safety and convenience sake.
  • Refferal program where you can refer friends and families to get some fuel voucher
  • All transaction are recorded and can be accessed online
  • This is great way to give your employees access to fuel without giving them cash