Sjcam Sj4000 Review


SJCAM SJ4000 Wi-Fi Action Camera Review – The Bang For Buck “Xiaomi” of GoPros.

Soooo by the time you folks are reading this, this writer here will be in or have already spent the week in Langkawi with this device, will update this article IF there are any problems caused during the Langkawi trip when I’m back, but touch wood! So what we have here is an original fake GoPro. Notice how there’s both the words “original” and “fake” in the name? This is owing to the reason that this SJ4000, originally intended to be the poor (or wise) man’s GoPro ALSO has fakes of its own, seriously. Similar analogy to this would be a fake Xiaomi which replicates the design and interface of an iPhone, sheesh.

Now then, on to the camera!

By the way: pay special attention to the wordings on this camera, IT HAS to have THE EXACT same wordings, else chances are it’d be a fake, like the one below.

SJCAM SJ4000 01

(Left being the original fake – right being the fake.. fake?)

Now I know what you’re thinking, dude, the circuits look the same! While there is no denying that the fake’s fake on the right would likely deliver the same performance, it still lacks firmware update support as with SJCam’s SJ4000.

While the SJ4000 is never going to be able to win in a competition against say a GoPro Hero 3 Black Edition (though comparable in some aspects, any versions of the Hero 4 will still blow it out of the water, though). The REAL selling point of the SJ4000 is as you would expect is the price. In Malaysia, the SJ4000 retails at around RM300. I am not kidding. While the average GoPro 4’s price has risen to around RM 1,600 and above (thanks to GST). Now while I am not really good in math person, it is really obvious that it is a LOT cheaper than the average GoPro. What it lacks in features, the SJ4000’s price really brings much to consider on the table.

SJCAM SJ4000 02

Here’s a screenshot taken from one of my video footage. Not as wide as the GoPro, but still does the job!

One big drawback to this camera is that it only shoots 30fps videos, while 30fps is enough for most of us; don’t be expecting to get footage that is as buttery smooth as those beautiful GoPro commercials that you see on YouTube! Though the camera specs advertises that it is able to record 60fps 720p videos (similar to my Canon DSLR), sadly it is just a ruse on SJCam’s part. It DOES record in a 60fps’ megabit bandwidth, but upon viewing the video you would notice that it’s only replicating the previous frame, not recording a new one, so keep in mind to not ever set it at 720p60, as it will only double the video size and not improve on the quality, stick with 1080p30 or 720p30.

SJCAM SJ4000 03

Heh, wide enough for a narrow plane selfie.

 (Also a screenshot taken from my videos)

Comments on the WiFi functionality? It’s good, it serves the purpose. Using the smartphone app (on Android/Google Play, it’s available on App Store as well), it gets delays and lags a lot. GoPro’s WiFi functionality isn’t exactly pristine either; SJ4000’s WiFi connectivity is not far behind.

A LOT of accessories come with the SJ4000. Some are redundant, but many are really useful! It’s important to note that ALL original/official GoPro mounts are COMPATIBLE with the SJ4000, woohoo! Data and charging cable for the camera is exactly the same with most non-Apple devices and all GoPros, charging with a powerbank is possible!

Final words (for now);

While being inexpensive at RM300, one is not advised to rely on this camera for long-term trips (like a family vacation to Europe?) In cases like that, it’s always best to get a reliable GoPro, don’t be those cheapskate guys in extremely memorable/important life events! However if you’re like me, taking short vacations to the beach in a nearby state and am dabbling around action cameras, then this is the one for you!

Sample footage:

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