Sony Xperia C4


The All New Sony Xperia C4

If you have not already heard, Sony is making a comeback into the mobile market but this time they are hoping to make an appeal to all the vain ones out there in the world with the all new Sony Xperia C4. The crazy thing about this phone is that is has a 5.5 inch display that comes with a built in 5-megapixel front-facing camera which is actually equipped with an LED flash. You will actually have a range of modes in this mobile just to help you take the perfect selfie of yourself. Yes, you heard it right. This phone is about to take the whole trend of selfies a level higher than what is already is.


Since we are talking about a phone right here, let us all be honest and forget about the selfies for just a minute. The overall specifications of this phone are not all that bad to be honest. You don’t have to be a person who is all about taking pictures of yourself but still you will enjoy the all new Xperia C4 for its full HD resolution display and to make things better, this special phone here runs on an Android Lollipop and has a 64-bit Octa Core processor that comes together with 4G LTE connectivity. The Sony Xperia C4 comes with IPS technology display. Your viewing angle is now perfected and you will be able to get display clarity even if you hold your mobile from different angels. Let us take a look at what really makes this phone as great as what everyone says it is.


Front Camera

As you would already know, this phone comes with a 5-megapixel front camera together with a soft LED flash. The 25 mm lens wide-angle lens which it comes with also ensures you that you and your friends will no longer have to squeeze like a bunch of sardines in a tin can just to fit into a picture as you have much more angle space now. The Exmor R now balances out your images even in low lighting areas.  The HDR is gives you such great clarity when it comes to taking selfies you would start taking selfie videos of yourself as there is a SteadyShot feature.

LED Flash

Forget about cracking your head trying to figure out how to set your camera to give you perfect lighting for your images as the LED flash will automatically do that for you by illuminating the scene based on the amount of light in the background.

Superior Auto Mode

From now on, you can be ever ready to post up beautiful night scene selfie images of yourself as all your selfies are going to look like you had a professional photographer had them taken and this is all with the help of the Superior Auto Mode.


Times are changing now and it has been proven that size does matter. The 5.5” Full HD display incorporates its TV Technology into the phone. The Mobile Bravia Engine 2 along with its IPS screen powered by an Octa-Core processor, this phone gives you nothing but excellent viewing from any given angle. You can now call your friends over, sit down in a circle and everyone sitting around watching will get to enjoy great clarity regardless of what angle they may be watching the video from.

Volume Boost

We are talking about a maximum of 97 decibels right here. That is what the Xperia C4 speakers are capable of. Call your friends over, play an anthem and get the party started already.

Crystal Clarity

Get ready to tap into ClearAudio + Technologies, Clear Stereo, Clear Bass and Clear Phase. This combo right here eliminates distortion automatically. All you need to do is sit back and enjoy your music all night long.

Badass Bass

The xLOUD loudness enhancement engine gives you a thick bass punch. You can now listen to all those funky bass slaps on your favourite songs which you never really could here before and get a kick out of it too.

Sleek Design

Some might argue that with a 5.5” display, this phone would seem a little bulky but you would be surprised to find out that the Xperia C4 is a lightweight and portable phone that can be carried around easily as it fits just about anywhere. The phone comes in a few cool colour variations which are black, white and standout mint.

Faster Than Fast

A built in LTE/4G modem gives this phone an insane internet connection speed that can go up to 150 megabits per-second. Enjoy watching videos without experiencing lag as the 1.7 GHz Octa-Core processor is able to give you maximum performance without draining out your batteries.

Battery Life Boost

This phone runs on a 2600mAH battery and you now have a battery STAMINA mode in your phone whereby you can prolong your battery life. You will also be able to make your battery last up to 4 times longer just by switching it to standby mode and you will still be able to receive messages and calls with this feature on.

A Great Phone – Everything You Would Need

The overall conclusion one might say about this phone is, despite it being names a C4, this phone won’t blow anything up and it is pretty safe to use as well. In an internet age where people care about selfies more than anything else in the world, this would be the phone to go for and even if you aren’t a selfie junkie, this phone would be able to do you plenty of good with all its other features put together. So ask yourself, do you want to be seen with the trendiest phone around snapping pictures with all those around you? If you do, then ask no more questions and just go for it.