Sony Xperia XZ Price in Malaysia

The Sony Xperia XZ is the latest flagship smartphone model from SONY. While it is SONY’s fourth flagship within the last two years, it has been an entire year since the company released the previous Xperia Z5 model at the IFA 2015 event, Europe’s biggest technology show.

With the release of this new Sony Xperia XZ, SONY’s Xperia Z line is no longer existent. Every smartphone by SONY from now onwards will be part of the SONY Xperia X line regardless if it is a budget, mid-range or even high-end smartphone model. All these models will be below the top flagship model – the Sony Xperia XZ.

Therefore, this makes the Sony Xperia XZ the best of SONY’s mobile technology in a complete package. The new Sony Xperia XZ will feature all the great highlights of previous smartphones from SONY in the past and they will use these previous great highlights to create something familiar but yet different.

If the Sony Xperia ZX were to compare with an Apple iPhone, it is an S version in the Apple iPhone line. SONY has done small improvements to the design, camera, and battery technology. However, it is not much different when you compare it side by side with the Sony Xperia Z5, its previous predecessor.

Unlike the latest Apple iPhone that only started introducing a build that is resistant to water, SONY has been doing done to its flagship smartphone models since 2012 when they started introducing this water-resistant build to their Sony Xperia Z back then. So, it is not really a bad thing because SONY is just reworking the highlights they have introduced to their smartphones from last few years.

Key Features

Similar to the latest Samsung and Apple’s current flagship smartphone models, the Sony Xperia XZ is also resistant to water. You can now take your smartphone into your shower and you don’t have to worry when you accidentally drop your smartphone in the sink. Water-resistant builds has always been one of the great highlights by SONY on their flagship smartphone models for quite a while now.

The Sony Xperia XZ also comes with a fingerprint scanner located on the side of the smartphone. This makes the phone easy to unlock and secure. Unfortunately, buyers in the United States will not get this fingerprint scanner for the US model. SONY did not give any further explanation on why they refuse to provide a fingerprint scanner for the US buyers.

The display on the Sony Xperia XZ is a 5.2-inches screen which is currently the average size for all of the flagship smartphone models. Despite that, you will probably need to use both hands to reach all of the edges.

In contrast to the other flagship models by SONY’s rival such as Samsung and HTC, the resolution of the Sony Xperia XZ is still only full HD, which is 1920 x 1080 pixel resolution.

While the screen looks bright and good, it is not capable of displaying a 2K resolution. However, this is not a major reason that will affect the decision to buy this smartphone or not.

If you love gaming, the PS4 remote play feature is a big advantage. With this, you can play your games on the Sony Xperia XZ with the same Wi-Fi network that you connect your Sony Playstation 4 to. It is especially useful when someone else needs to watch the TV.

Sony Xperia XZ Price in Malaysia

The Sony Xperia XZ is already out in the United States and the United Kingdom. It does not come cheap and the official price for it is USD 699. The official price for Sony Xperia XZ and X Compact is RM2699 and RM1999 respectively in Malaysia.



Overall, the Sony Xperia ZX is one of the best looking smartphones by SONY and it is comfortable to hold on your hands. Nevertheless, the differences between the latest flagship and the previous flagship is not really noticeable.