Streamyx Broadband

As some of you might be aware that Streamyx was the first and only name for the broadband service by Telekom Malaysia (TM) during its pioneer launching. Streamyx used to be a very famous and most chosen service by many Malaysians. Even when TM moved and progressed with the higher performance broadband services with Unifi, Streamyx is still the name that everyone is familiar with and still offering some broadband packages. The only key difference between both broadband lies in the technology involved. Streamyx is using a Digital Subscriber Line (DSL) while Unifi is using fibre optic cables. Therefore, the speed of Unifi is way much faster as compared to the DSL technology by Streamyx.    

There are a number of Streamyx packages being offered such as the BB Deal 8Mbps, BB Deal 4Mbps, BB Deal 2Mbps and BB Deal 1Mbps. The monthly subscriptions fees for each of these packages are RM160, RM140, RM130 and RM110, respectively. The prices may vary since the upload and download limit of these packages are different and these are denoted by the number in the name of the packages.

There are still many users prefer to opt for Streamyx than other broadband services as there are quite a number of upsides when subscribing to Streamyx. When you do so, you will be given free equipment like a Wi-Fi modem, TM Wi-Fi ID and a wireless telephone, which are the basic stuffs to be provided by any broadband packages. Additionally, you will be allowed to make calls to other TM fixed line numbers within the country without any charges added to your bill. Besides this, you will get a flat rate of 10 cents per minute on all calls made to mobile numbers within the country. This is very advantageous for those of you who are frequently making calls to others via their mobile numbers. Streamyx subscribers will also get one month of free subscription when signing up for any broadband services by Streamyx. One of the most important reason why Steamyx is still one of the favorite broadband services to some is because of the cheaper and more affordable price.     

Unfortunately, there is no HyppTV packages included in your Streamyx packages, in which the packages are being offered by Unifi. HyppTV enables you to watch live television, video on demand and engage with many other interactive features. However, whether it is an advantage or disadvantage for including the HyppTV packages with broadband services is very subjective. To some users, being forced to take up the HyppTV is not a good thing if it is not useful, but to some, it is very convenient and consider it as a value added service. Nevertheless, one of the obvious downside of Steamyx is the speed. For those of you who prioritize speed as one of the top requirement, it is advisable for you to look for other broadband services that are able to offer faster speed like Unifi.

If you are experiencing slow speed with your Streamyx, this might be due to several reasons such as the technology used. As mentioned, Streamyx is using a Digital Subscriber Line (DSL) in which the speed is slower. Other reasons for slow speed include distance of your location to the serving exchange and location of the websites that you access. Network condition during normal or peak hours plays a significant factor too. Running a few applications at the same time will affect the speed as well.   

As a piece of reminder again, you should be within about 5km from the supporting Streamyx TM exchange and have a direct copper connection through a TM fixed line that must link to the TM exchange where the DSL is available. These are the two basic requirement before you subscribe to Streamyx broadband.