Time 500Mbps Broadband


Time 500Mbps Broadband

Want to up your speed at an invincible prices?


Time presents 500Mbps home broadband with various kinds of speed and deals, packaged according to your needs and budget. There is the 100Mbps going for RM149 per month for your typical online activities and streaming with enough fuel and speed. If you have a family as big as the Flinstones with a bigger household that has up to 8 connected devices, with only an additional RM40 you get three times more speed of 300Mbps with a solid D-Link DIR-850L Router Model. Finally, take it up another notch for serious gaming and household of more than 8 connected devices at a high flying experience at 500Mbps for RM299 per month and enjoy the company of a Linksys EA6350 router.

For those who still do calls, you have the option of pay as you use, or get 2,000 mins at only RM10 per month provided you take on a 1 year contract. The 2,000 mins is renewable yearly and must be used within 12 months starting from the date of activation. Otherwise it is a 9 sen per minute charge for fixed or mobile numbers across the country and 8 sen for IDD calls for 60 countries. TIME offers unlimited usage and symmetrical speeds on fibre for all the three plans. This means that if you are using a 500Mbps package, you will get to enjoy the same 500Mbps speeds for both upload and download. Simply put, TIME’s most recent deals and packages beat the previous 100Mpbs Home Fibre plan in terms of speed and subcription which was 100GB quota at RM179 per month. Since TIME only covers 250,000 homes of mostly condos and apartments within the Klang Valley, you will need to check if your area is covered by their service.